One Last Slice

Ken Marks wraps up his series on working with a Raspberry Pi. Ken has done such a fantastic job taking us through his process of using a Raspberry Pi and writing code on that Pi in a real-life scenario at home. In this final installment, Ken establishes a workflow for sending an accelerometer text message using SendMail.

Also, this month, Joe Clermont contributed his article, “*Learning How to Learn.*” In an industry where there is a real need to always learn, Joe shares some techniques to help us with continual learning using technics such as learning by doing and learning by sharing.

In Chris Tankersly’s column Education Station he discusses “*Continuous Code,”* where he discusses continuous code, automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. PSR Pickup’s Frank Wallen shares an article on “*PSR-3 Logging Interface*” and talks about different log levels and messages. In Eric Mann’s Security Corner, we learn about “*Classifying Ransomware*” and the differences between them.

May brings a new recurring column by Marian Pop focused on the Laravel Framework and Ecosystem. This month he introduces us to “*Pest Control*” and discusses the PEST testing package. Edward Bernard’s DDD Alley gets hands-on with “*Get Organized and Get Started*” and shares his thoughts on some of the steps to getting a project set up with code first and implementing a strategic domain-driven design.

Oscar Merida adds some “*Controlled Randomness*” in this month’s PHP Puzzles. It’s fun for the whole family, provided your entire family are passionate developers. Lastly, in finally{}, Beth Tucker-Long talks about “*Survival of the Fiendish*” and shares her experience of trying to address a simple problem that grows more complex around every turn. That would be an example of a bad problem to have.

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World Backup Day

Scott Keck-Warren has a contribution in honor of this month’s World Backup Date, Backups For Beginners. Follow along for some inspiration in making sure you have a complete backup system. Ken Marks continues his series, How to Hack Your Home with a Raspberry Pi, with an article showing how to actually hook up your accelerometer to your Pi and start storing the data into a database on the Raspberry Pi.

Our columnists also drive home the point of strengthening our weaknesses. In Understanding Supply Chain Security, Eric Mann will have you realizing that even our code has a supply chain and that its security is crucial to our success. Joe Ferguson’s, Queues With Horizon will help us make our application more robust by offloading some processing to give our application the appearance of higher performance. Chris Tankersly brings us into the Education Station with Software History is Licensing. Oscar Merida helps us strengthen our abilities while testing out a fun PHP Puzzle, Finding Prime Factors. Edward Barnard continues in the DDD Alley with Better Late Than Never, where he talks about his own theories around testing. Our newest column by Frank Wallen, PSR Pickup, will start to teach us about the PHP PSR’s starting with PSR 0 and 1. And finally{}, brought to you by Beth Tucker Long is a great piece on burnout titled I Just Can’t.

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The Zen Of Mindful Programming

In this issue, Doug Dobrzynski helps us focus while programming with his article, Mindful Programming. While this article isn’t PHP specific, if you take time to digest what he’s talking about, I think you will find that all of us could benefit from using daily mindful techniques. In his article, Lessons Learned from Building a WebSocket Server, Torsten Dittmann shows us some of the considerations that had to be made when adding a real-time component to their API. And a bonus feature article from Ed Barnard will help us write better database interactions with Designing For MySQL Transaction Failures.

Our columns continue to offer great content as well. In our Security Corner, Eric Mann brings us Vulnerable and Outdated Components, which made me run and check my servers right away. Chris Tankersly talks about Why We Argue About PHP Upgrades and Changes in Education Station. Community Corner brings more information on some of this year’s turbulent transition of PHP Internals with The PHP Foundation. Joe Ferguson goes into The Workshop and shows us a possible way to speed up Laravel applications with Octane & RoadRunner. Ed Barnard also continues his Here Be Dragons column with Solution Space, where he wants to help us have fun in our craft of programming. Oscar Merida brings another excellent PHP Puzzle where we try to find our Break-Even Point. And finally{}, Beth Tucker-Long rounds out this issue with a follow-up to last month’s Roll With It titled Still Rolling.

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Upgrading code with Rector, CQRS, Livewire, is PHP the Worst?, and more

Eric, John, and Oscar talk about changes behind the screen and the September 2021 issue, It’s Really an Upgrade.

Topics Covered

  • Changes in ownership at php[architect]
  • The Rector project: using it to upgrade and downgrade library code.
  • CQRS: using it to scale database reads and writes.
  • JWTs and Security
  • Livewire and JavaScript front end frameworks for PHP developers
  • Sebastian Bergmann and the PHPUnit project
  • Xdebug tutorials on YouTube
  • MVC pattern in PHP applications
  • Animating Life with Imagick
  • Why its a good thing that PHP is “the Worst” and why that makes it successful.
  • Why its essential to keep learning.

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Interview with Scott Keck-Warren

Eric van Johnson and John Congdon interview Scott Keck-Warren, who wrote an article on Boosting User Perceived Performance with Laravel Horizon, in the August 2021 issue.

Topics Covered

  • Getting started programming with QBasic
  • Working with PHP, Laravel, and picking up new languages.
  • Scaling with queues and tasks to send surveys and synchronize data.
  • The benefits of using Horizon.
  • Building a youtube channel for new PHP developers.

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Interviews from php[world]: Cal Evans, Taylor Otwell, Samantha Quiñones, and Gary Hockin

In Episode 25

Our crew sat down and snagged some interviews in the atrium at php[world] in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. This episode packs a lot into one hour and 13 minutes.


  • Practical static analysis tools like Psalm and PHPStan and moving away from DocBlocks to using native PHP 7 type hints.
  • John reflects on how his first talk went and the keys to giving a good talk.
  • Cal Evans on php[world], the breadth of the PHP community, new stuff in PHP 7.4, searching for PHP related information online, and his new role with SiteGround.
  • Taylor Otwell discusses how Laravel started, what’s new in Laravel 6, the potential impact of PHP 7’s JIT compiler, focusing on open-source and educational efforts in 2020, and funding open-source work.
  • Gary Hockin goes over his advice in Community Corner about getting started in public speaking, how speaking at conferences can impact your career, and how to choose talk topics.
  • Samantha Quiñones chats about her keynote at php[world], the history of computing, COBOL, preparing talks, PHP’s strength as a web-first language, and working at SkillShare.

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Building Bridges

In this Episode

We’re trying a new format in this episode. Eric, John, and Oscar recorded together. Let us know what you think of the new format? Should we keep it?


  • Eric and John get a look behind the scenes into what goes into producing each magazine issue.
  • Call for Writers – get feedback on talk/article proposals.
  • From the March magazine issue: scaling your database, owning your content with Indieweb, OAuth and CSRF protection, the benefits of type hints in PHP 7 code, Margaret Staples’ survey results for Women in History month and more.
  • An interview with Barry O’Donovan about migrating legacy applications to Laravel, his involvement with PHP, and PHP’s reputation in other communities.

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It’s the Booze Talking – Frameworks

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Episode 6: Setting Up to Succeed

In this episode

A look at the Setting Up to Succeed issue for the month of January 2018 issue featuring articles to start the new year right. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below.


  • Eric and John discuss the January features on background processing with queues, securing your website with Burp Suite, PHP Generators and more and more
  • Oscar looks at what 2018 has in store for PHP, particularly when support for PHP 5 and PHP 7.0 will end and the RFCs proposed for inclusion an an upcoming release.
  • An interview with Joe Ferguson about his monthly Artisanal column and Laravel Collections.

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