Mentoring, upgrading config, and cloud infrastructure

Jake and Michael discuss self-improvement through mentoring developers new to Laravel, upgrading configuration between Laravel versions, and IAM credentials on cloud infrastructure.

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Clouds, queues, and learning to code

In this episode, Jake and Michael talk about 80 new Pokemon, Jake streaming zip files from Amazon S3, Michael's woes with queues and Google Cloud Platform, as well as learning to code with PhaserJS.

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Non-recording, updating Laravel, and huge manatees

After a hiccup that led to having to re-record the first five minutes of the show, Jake and Michael talk about manually updating Laravel apps and the virtues of doing so regularly, a brief outburst on politics, and comparing modern JavaScript frameworks with legacy jQuery.

Oh the huge manatee!

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Screencasting, Markdown to Medium, and Google Cloud Storage

Michael and Jake return with their slightly tinkered format, where they focus on challenges overcome and things learnt in day to day framework usage.

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Mince pies, Laravel 5.4 updates, and Vue server-side rendering

Michael and Jake managed to record this week whilst Michael's family was visiting to talk about mince pies, changes coming in Laravel 5.4, new versions of Homestead and Valet, and Vue JS server-side rendering.

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PHP 7.1, contributing to Open Source for Christmas, and posting on Medium as a developer

After some erratic recording, Jake and Michael return for consecutive weeks to talk about PHP 7.1, contributing to Open Source for Christmas, and posting on Medium as a developer.


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Giving thanks, verifying max post size, and Vue & ES6

Jake and Michael record on Thanksgiving to catch up on what they've been up to, discuss dealing with overloading max post size, and what Jake learned about Vue and ES6.

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Up and Running with Matt Stauffer

Jake and Michael welcome to the show Matt Stauffer and discuss how he got to where he is today, life as technical director of Tighten Co., hiring and onboarding new developers, and his very soon to be released book Laravel Up and Running

Matt Stauffer

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