Eloquent observers, managing client expectations, and Laravel packages

In this episode, Jake and Michael talk about Eloquent observers and answer listener questions about managing client expectations and packages we use in our Laravel applications.

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HTTP clients, container tagging, and foreign keys with Paul Redmond and TJ Miller

In this episode, Jake and Michael welcome Paul Redmond and the returning TJ Miller to have the HTTP client discussion you were promised last time. We also dig into container tagging in Laravel, as well as working with foreign keys in your projects.

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Docker, Rancher, and Geocities with TJ Miller

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by TJ Miller to talk about Docker, Rancher, and journies in development through Geocities and MySpace.

Special guest: TJ Miller

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WordPress, UUIDs, and testing revelations

This episode, Jake and Michael speak about working with UUIDs in Laravel, Wordpress, and testing mindsets.

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Mentoring, upgrading config, and cloud infrastructure

Jake and Michael discuss self-improvement through mentoring developers new to Laravel, upgrading configuration between Laravel versions, and IAM credentials on cloud infrastructure.

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Clouds, queues, and learning to code

In this episode, Jake and Michael talk about 80 new Pokemon, Jake streaming zip files from Amazon S3, Michael's woes with queues and Google Cloud Platform, as well as learning to code with PhaserJS.

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Non-recording, updating Laravel, and huge manatees

After a hiccup that led to having to re-record the first five minutes of the show, Jake and Michael talk about manually updating Laravel apps and the virtues of doing so regularly, a brief outburst on politics, and comparing modern JavaScript frameworks with legacy jQuery.

Oh the huge manatee!

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Screencasting, Markdown to Medium, and Google Cloud Storage

Michael and Jake return with their slightly tinkered format, where they focus on challenges overcome and things learnt in day to day framework usage.

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