Secret trips, status pages, and communication

In this episode, Michael teases about the secret purpose of his Sydney trip, before moving on to the topic of status pages and reporting service disruptions, as well as communicating with peers.

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Code reviews, view composers, and Stranger Things

In this episode, Jake and Michael speak about Thor: Ragnarok and Stranger Things 2, before diving into reviewing code and view composers.

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Promises, Empathy, and the Ivy Lee Method

Jake and Michael talk late into the night about Andrew Del Prete's JavaScript Promises course, uploading files to Amazon S3 with DropzoneJS, books they've been reading, and more.

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Aussie slang, deep delegation, and gathering requirements

Jake and Michael return to share some of the Aussie slang Jake has been learning and cover such groundbreaking topics as this year's Hacktoberfest, deep delegation, gathering requirements, and more!

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Managing timelines, wireframing, and nested Laravel applications

Jake and Michael continue with their developing journey and share their approaches to managing timelines. They also talk about different wireframing techniques and setup some future episodes with discussion around containing multiple applications in a single Laravel install.

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Conventions, configuration, and becoming a lead developer

Jake and Michael return after a few weeks' hiatus and discuss Michael's new role as a lead developer and the slightly softer focus for the podcast moving forward.

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Podcasting, side hustles, and the importance of being earnest

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by up-and-coming Laravel community members Caleb Porzio and Daniel Coulbourne for a casual chat about a wide array of topics from podcasting, to side hustles, and the importance of being earnest.

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Making users, shared sessions, and production deployments

In our golden episode, Jake and Michael talk about making users in a Laravel app, sharing sessions between servers and applications, and answer a listener question on our production deployment workflows.

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Eloquent observers, managing client expectations, and Laravel packages

In this episode, Jake and Michael talk about Eloquent observers and answer listener questions about managing client expectations and packages we use in our Laravel applications.

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