One Last Slice

Ken Marks wraps up his series on working with a Raspberry Pi. Ken has done such a fantastic job taking us through his process of using a Raspberry Pi and writing code on that Pi in a real-life scenario at home. In this final installment, Ken establishes a workflow for sending an accelerometer text message using SendMail.

Also, this month, Joe Clermont contributed his article, “*Learning How to Learn.*” In an industry where there is a real need to always learn, Joe shares some techniques to help us with continual learning using technics such as learning by doing and learning by sharing.

In Chris Tankersly’s column Education Station he discusses “*Continuous Code,”* where he discusses continuous code, automated testing, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. PSR Pickup’s Frank Wallen shares an article on “*PSR-3 Logging Interface*” and talks about different log levels and messages. In Eric Mann’s Security Corner, we learn about “*Classifying Ransomware*” and the differences between them.

May brings a new recurring column by Marian Pop focused on the Laravel Framework and Ecosystem. This month he introduces us to “*Pest Control*” and discusses the PEST testing package. Edward Bernard’s DDD Alley gets hands-on with “*Get Organized and Get Started*” and shares his thoughts on some of the steps to getting a project set up with code first and implementing a strategic domain-driven design.

Oscar Merida adds some “*Controlled Randomness*” in this month’s PHP Puzzles. It’s fun for the whole family, provided your entire family are passionate developers. Lastly, in finally{}, Beth Tucker-Long talks about “*Survival of the Fiendish*” and shares her experience of trying to address a simple problem that grows more complex around every turn. That would be an example of a bad problem to have.

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