122: Waving goodbye to #WavePHP18

This month the team discusses the first ever WavePHP as well as some photos from the conference

Other topics include: - WavePHP 2018 schedule - Joind.in - #wavephp18 - Twitter Search - Business Ethics - Ethics in coding and life - svbl on Twitter: "Don't ? put ? your ? .env ? files ? in ? the ? web-server ?directory https://t.co/DWHmT6r6E3… " - Counting People Through a Wall with WiFi - Schneier on Security

121: You know nothing John Congdon

This month the team discusses Safe PHP: throwing exceptions instead of returning false

Other topics include

120: Hype Driven Development

This month the team discusses the loss of a good friend and talented developer William Cahill-Manley. Please consider helping out William's family with their GoFundMe goal give Willam a final send-off.

Other topics include

118: The Comment Section

This month the team discusses Steam for Linux :: Introducing a new version of Steam Play.

Other topics include

115:The Con Game

This month the team discusses Eric saying he loves Laracon and then proceeding to lose his shit why he doesn't like Laracon.

Other topics include