58:Lock Down

Show Notes: https://github.com/PHPUgly/podcast/blob/master/shows/ep58.md recorded April 22nd, 2017 Topics Five Inmates Built Two PCs and Hacked a Prison From Within Laravel 5.5 Adds Support for Custom Exception Reporting Moving from PHP (Laravel) to Go - Danny van Kooten Unicode characters in URLs are still a problem Looking Back at r/Place Timeline: viewing a request’s resources consumption over time Why Rubber Duck Debugging is the best way to debug your code phpdocker.io Can't download or update PhpStorm eap – IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs Support JavaScript to PHP Universal punchcard-based Turing machine implemented in Powerpoint animations Hosts Eric Van Johnson Twitter / Github / Blog / About.me Tom Rideout Twitter / Github / About.me John Congdon Twitter / Github Follow us on Twitter @PHPUgly Email us at Podcast@phpugly.com Sponsor of this show: The DiegoDev Group

127: More Server Talk with Brian Moses

In this weeks episode we are again lucky to be joined by Brian Moses, to continue our discussion on building your own home server. We start off by highlighting what ECC memory is and its’ value in a home server setup. Following this, we chat about looking into the second-hand market for hardware components - as an option to find a good deal. This leads us on to discuss overclocking hardware, threads vs. cores within a CPU and what Hyper-threading actually is. Finally, we mention some different NAS Operating System solutions and Brain’s foray into the world of Quadcopters.

MageTalk LIVE @ Imagine 2017 – Part 1: “3 Degrees of Magento” (feat Ben Marks, MageStackDay)

** Part 1 of our LIVE recordings at Magento Imagine 2017 with some great friends anticipating the 3 days of content and sessions ahead **

Full unedited Youtube MageTalk LIVE stream available here:

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Gene Commerce

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Episode 17 – Symfony 4

The band is back together. Fabien's grand (8-part) unveiling of Symfony Flex has inspired us to get together and talk about all the exciting new things waiting for us in the upcoming Symfony 4. Tune in to find out what's happening and to get our take on Symfony Flex, the new directory structure, makefiles, and much more.

57:’;DROP TABLE podcasts

recorded April 13th, 2017 Topics Talk about shells? Thomas is using ZIM - Zsh IMproved Eric is using Oh-my-zsh We have a subreddit! Franz – a free messaging app Laravel Frontend Presets Laravel Partners PhantomJS maintainer stepping down Burger King’s new ad forces Google Home to advertise the Whopper How r/Place was built Hosts Eric Van Johnson Twitter / Github / Blog / About.me Tom Rideout Twitter / Github / About.me John Congdon Twitter / Github Follow us on Twitter @PHPUgly Email us at Podcast@phpugly.com Sponsor of this show: The DiegoDev Group

Docker, Rancher, and Geocities with TJ Miller

In this episode, Jake and Michael are joined by TJ Miller to talk about Docker, Rancher, and journies in development through Geocities and MySpace.

Special guest: TJ Miller

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Interview with Mohamed Said, Laravel’s First Employee

Get to know Mohamed Said in his first ever interview where we discuss how he got into programming, being Laravel's first ever employee, what it's like working with Taylor Otwell.

You can read the full episode transcript which includes time markers and links.

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