123: The Tale of State and Behaviour, Part 1 with Scott Wlaschin

In this weeks episode we are lucky to be joined by Scott Wlaschin again, to discuss his recent ‘Thirteen ways of looking at a turtle’ talk. We start off discussion highlighting the value of solving a known problem in many different ways and the inspiration behind the talk. This leads us on to chat about the Object-oriented and Abstract Mutable/Immutable Data Model solutions, mentioning each ones merits as a way to solve the problem. We then move on to highlight the State, Either and Async Monad solutions, and how they aid in function composition of different ‘shapes’. Finally, we mention how good code should be boring, the balance of the abstract vs. concrete and transparency in code.

53:Hot Pocket

show note: https://github.com/PHPUgly/podcast/blob/master/shows/ep53.md recorded March 16th, 2017 Topics Sebastian Bergmann creater of PHPUnit Starts a Patreon Supporting Laravel PHP Unicorn Conference NASA Releases software for free Laravel on your Android Phone? Midwest PHP starts tomorrow The Symfony Trademark GitLab Acquired The Chat App Gitter Write for Laravel News MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award Nomination How hackers turned a Cape Cod fishing guide’s site into a host for e-commerce fraud Hosts Eric Van Johnson Twitter / Github / Blog / About.me Tom Rideout Twitter / Github / About.me John Congdon Twitter / Github Follow us on Twitter @PHPUgly Email us at Podcast@phpugly.com Sponsor of this show: The DiegoDev Group

Mentoring, upgrading config, and cloud infrastructure

Jake and Michael discuss self-improvement through mentoring developers new to Laravel, upgrading configuration between Laravel versions, and IAM credentials on cloud infrastructure.

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122: Carry on Coding

In this weeks episode we start off discussion with experiences handling online payments, CRM export integration and highlight how PHPStorm can be a great SQL editor. We then move on to mention a service that allows you to easily manage browser polyfills, and Edd chats about his experience currently making a Nokia ringtone composer web application. Finally, we touch upon handling transactional email, depending on third-party services and using Continuation-passing style within JavaScript.

Recapping Laracon Online 2017

Jake and Michael recap the inaugural Laracon Online and go over all the latest from the Laravel Community.

You can read the full episode transcript which includes time markers and links.

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52:Year One

show notes: https://github.com/PHPUgly/podcast/blob/master/shows/ep52.md recorded March 9th, 2017 Topics I'm not a "Full Stack" developer. Laracon Online Financial Assistance Programs - php[tek] 2017 PHP-ML - Machine Learning library for PHP WikiLeaks has released less than 1% of its #Vault7 series Eric Van Johnson Twitter / Github / Blog / About.me Tom Rideout Twitter / Github / About.me John Congdon Twitter / Github Special Guest Matt Lantz Shawn Mayzes Michael Dyrynda Jacob Bennett Follow us on Twitter @PHPUgly Email us at Podcast@phpugly.com Sponsor of this show: The DiegoDev Group

MageTalk Episode 121 – International Women’s Day (w/ Sherrie Rohde, Tanya Soroka)

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