130: Mission Implausible

The week Eric and Thomas discuss

Giving thanks, global app settings, and OPcache

Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

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158: Hexagonal Architecture (Ports and Adapters) with Matthias Noback

In this weeks episode we are lucky to have Matthias Noback on the show to discuss software architecture design. We start off the show by highlighting why we should invest time in the architecture of our software, and what is meant by ‘layers’ of an application. This leads us to discuss what Hexagonal Architecture (Ports and Adapters) actually is, Infrastructure vs. Core (Domain, Application) and the Dependency Inversion Principle. From here we mention the different responsibilities Ports and Adapters have, the different forms of testing you can do within this architecture and Use-cases/Command Buses. Finally, we touch upon the new book ‘Style Guide for Object Design’, which Matthias is currently in the process of writing.