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Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

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Episode 13 – PHP 7.3

In this Episode

Fresh off of hosting WavePHP in San Diego, Eric van Johnson and John Congdon put the finishing touches on the latest episode. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below.


  • Eric and John talk about stickers, forthcoming PHP 7.3 improvements like garbage collection, how to make estimates, penetration testing for security, job hunting, and more.
  • Sammy Kaye Powers joins to discuss podcasting, swing dancing, and challenges when upgrading legacy applications. He touches on why you should upgrade,receiving active support from the PHP internals team, the upgrade path once you’re on PHP 7, deprecated features which most projects have to face, handling exceptions, and dealing with uniform variable syntax. Finally, he previews what might be added in PHP 8.

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122: Waving goodbye to #WavePHP18

This month the team discusses the first ever WavePHP as well as some photos from the conference

Other topics include: - WavePHP 2018 schedule - - #wavephp18 - Twitter Search - Business Ethics - Ethics in coding and life - svbl on Twitter: "Don't ? put ? your ? .env ? files ? in ? the ? web-server ?directory… " - Counting People Through a Wall with WiFi - Schneier on Security

Type-safety, BladeX, and HTML emails

Jake and Michael return to discuss the introduction of further type-safety in PHP, BladeX, finite state machines, and rendering HTML emails.

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156: Running Symfony on AWS Lambda with Neal Brooks

In this weeks episode we are lucky to be joined by Neal Brooks, a fellow developer of Edd’s at MyBuilder. We start off by discussing how he got into programming, QBasic and video driver shenanigans. From here, we move on to introduce his SymfonyLive London talk ‘Running Symfony on AWS Lambda’. We highlight what drew him to Lambda, and the new tooling that is making it easier to run PHP and frameworks (such as Symfony) on it. This leads us to cover his demo application, and explore handling assets using S3, database migrations and AWS resources using CloudFormation. Finally, we debate using catch-all gateway endpoints vs. dedicated gateway endpoints and Lambda performance.