MageTalk Classics – James Zetlen, Tony Brown and Brendan Falkowski

We’re still vacationing hardcore in the islands so we’re bringing you this classic episode from April 2017 you might have missed! James Zetlen, Tony Brown of Space48 and Brendan Falkowski join us to talk Imagine 2017 announcements and frontend tooling as well as a possible future with PWAs




  • Mallory Triana – Transcription
  • Rebecca Brocton – Show Notes
  • Chris Harry – Production and Editing

Show Notes

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Laravel releases, Laracon Online, and soft edges

Jake and Michael return for 2018 and catch up on several framework releases from the break, discuss the upcoming Laracon Online, and community projects from Chris Fidao and Steve Schoger.

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89: We Drop The Ball

Recorded December 28, 2017


MageTalk Episode 154 – You’re a Creator of Creators

Phillip gets a preview, Kalen ponders post-developer life, Phillip covers 2017 in review, and – how to go about picking a local Magento partner.

Show notes


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88: Holi-delay

Recorded December 21, 2017


139: Mobile Internet isn’t Cheap! with Joe Watkins

In this episode we catch up with Joe Watkins to discuss all things PHP. We start off discussion with his recent move to Spain, the pain of getting a good Internet connection and PHP TestFest. This leads us on to highlight some recent work he is doing with adding PHP bindings to Bicoin’s Secp256k1 library and a Generic Traits idea. From here we touch upon the additions that made it into PHP 7.2 and some that have already been accepted for 7.3. Finally, we get Joe’s opinion on a couple of RFC’s (Call-site pass-by-reference and Operator functions).