Clouds, queues, and learning to code

In this episode, Jake and Michael talk about 80 new Pokemon, Jake streaming zip files from Amazon S3, Michael's woes with queues and Google Cloud Platform, as well as learning to code with PhaserJS.

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49: Who’s watching who

Show notes: recorded February 11th, 2017 Topics The “pds/skeleton” Standard Is Now Stable! Matt Stauffer: Introducing Laravel Dusk PHPUnit 6.0.0 Is Released Laracon Online Announced Controller Construct Session Changes in Laravel 5.3 Keybase Chat XSS game House Passes Long-Sought Email Privacy Bill De-Anonymizing Browser History Using Social-Network Data The hosts Eric Van Johnson @shocm Twitter / Github / Blog / Tom Rideout Twitter / Github / John Congdon Twitter / Github Follow us on Twitter @PHPUgly Email us at Sponsor of this show: The DiegoDev Group

120: Contributing to PHP with Joe Watkins

In this weeks episode we chat to good friend of the show Joe Watkins. We start off discussion with his recent work on creating a compute-node, dual WAN setup and accepted PHP Serbia talk on contributing to PHP without being a ‘C wizard’. From here we move on to mention some of the areas (bug tracking system and QA) that could be improved with the help of new contributors within the PHP internals ecosystem. Finally, we highlight several recently proposed RFCs, his opinions on them and some work he is doing on a future RFC.

Laracon Online with Ian Landsman

In this episode, Jacob and Michael are joined by Ian Landsman to discuss the exciting new conference venture Laracon Online.

Guest Starring: Ian Landsman

You can read the full episode transcript which includes time markers and links.

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48:Melt Down

Show notes: recorded February 2nd, 2017 Topics Deprecations for PHP 7.2 orchestral/testbench GitHub’s New Topics Feature Database Incident Suspecting arson, cops subpoena homeowner's pacemaker logs Github Posters of you Commits The hosts Eric Van Johnson Twitter / Github / Blog / Tom Rideout Twitter / Github / John Congdon Twitter / Github Follow us on Twitter @PHPUgly Email us at Sponsor of this show: The DiegoDev Group

119: Aha! Moments with Steven Proctor

In this weeks episode we are lucky to have Steven Proctor back on the show. We start off discussion by congratulating him on 82 episodes of Functional Geekery, and the commitment it takes to do a podcast and not just ‘podfade’. From here we move on to highlight any commonalities he notices with people getting into FP, how he stays on-top of the latest advancements and how he finds the guests he wishes to speak to. This leads us on to compare learning functional concepts within a language you already know vs. in a totally different lanaguge which is rooted in the principles. Finally, we chat about interesting projects that are on his radar and advice that he has for people who wish to begin exploring FP.

Non-recording, updating Laravel, and huge manatees

After a hiccup that led to having to re-record the first five minutes of the show, Jake and Michael talk about manually updating Laravel apps and the virtues of doing so regularly, a brief outburst on politics, and comparing modern JavaScript frameworks with legacy jQuery.

Oh the huge manatee!

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118: API Ramblings with Phil Sturgeon

In this weeks show we are joined by Phil Sturgeon to discuss all things API development. We start off by mentioning Phil’s new job at WeWork, Startup life/culture and switching between different development philosophies. We move on to highlight how he got into API development, the reasons behind writing the book “Build APIs You Won’t Hate” and a future video-series he has in the pipeline. This leads on to discuss common misconceptions of REST and RPC, API tooling available and the different data-formats present. Finally, we mention the importance of good error-handling within an API (no 200 responses!) and some of the bad-stories he has heard/encountered on the topic.