MageTalk Episode 152 – “My Spiritual Gift is Asking 300 Questions”

What would trigger an M1 to M2 upgrade? Magento are having a content renaissance – a “content explosion”; Kalen buys Bitcoin.

Show Notes

  • MageTitans Videos Available
  • M1 to M2 migrations vs other platforms

  • Net neutrality – what it means for smaller retailers

    • Shopify have wonky data? Black Friday?

###Have we mentioned ecom-aholic yet?

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The second annual Dads in Dev meets North Meets South meets TJ Miller Christmas Extravaganza web podcast

Andrew Del Prete, David Hemphill, and TJ Miller join Michael and Jake for their second annual Christmas crossover podcast. We talk about things we learned, best memories, favourite books and movies of 2017 and what we're looking forward to in 2018, as well as play a little Christmas trivia.

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Introducing Community FAVS

The community is the heart of what drives MageTalk – and that was borne out of the passion that the community brings to Magento Commerce itself. We love our listeners and wanted to find out – which episodes are your most favorite? Which ones do you remember – or which ones are patently MageTalk.

We start this ongoing series with two dear friends of the show, Sherrie Rohde and David Manners. As guests of the show they’ve brought wit and wisdom – and as listeners they’ve helped others to discover the show!

Installment 1: Sherrie and David

What are your favorites? Let us know – and keep watching this space for more Community FAVS in the months to come!

Episode 4: Modern Magento


In this episode, we dive into the November 2017 issue and how to use Magento as your ecommerce platform. Have a thought on the topics covered? Let us know with a comment below.


  • Eric and John go over November’s articles on debugging and contributing to Magento, headless applications, payment gateways, and difficult to pronounce author names.
  • Oscar Merida goes over the tools he likes for setting up a development environment .
  • Eric Mann, author of Security Corner, drops in to talk about PCI-DSS compliance.

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A short, sharp, and shiny holiday send off

Jake and Michael get together one last time for 2017 to bring you the latest news from around the Laravel Community.

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136: Delving into Cryptocurrencies with Jay Smith

In this episode we are lucky to have cryptocurrency proponent and trader Jay Smith on the show. We start off by talking about how he got introduced to cryptocurrencies and trading, highlighting what trading actually is, and the two different schools of thought (fundamental vs. technical analysis). From here we move on to chat about how innovations such as Bitcoin are changing the way we view money/bank, the underlying technologies that make it possible (Blockchain), and the game-theory/incentives behind it for each participant to continue ‘playing the game’. Conversation then moves on to touch upon alternative cryptocurrencies (alt-coins) and the different use-cases/advancements they are making in the space. Finally, we highlight Bitcoins scaling dilemma, how all routes seem to effect decentralisation in some shape or form, and how he stores his private keys.

MageTalk Episode 151 – “Becky with the Good Hair”

Show Notes

Rebecca “Becky” Brocton joins MageTalk co-host fame by stepping in for Kalen! Phillip soon learns that she can talk as much as him and he’s not getting a word in edgeways!

For the opening of this show, Phillip quizzes Rebecca on her new role for JH and what the company is up to in the Magento space.

Frontend Developer at JH, Shane Osbourne, recently did a talk at Mage Titans on a B2B app that runs on both iOS and Android, is powered by the APIs made available in Magento 2 and utilises the cutting edge React Native framework. You can find out more about this and watch his talk on the Mage Titans YouTube channel linked to below.

“It’s really sexy! But because it’s B2B people don’t realise how sexy it is” – Rebecca Brocton

The recent Mage Titans event has so much great content coming out, all the talks are up on YouTube for all to enjoy along with Rebeccas #TitanInterviews with some of the attendees who were at the event.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating in the US!

The hype for Black Friday & Cyber Monday is building. Try as you may, to implement a no deployments rule for the week working up to these big spend days, you try in vain.

Space 48 acquires leading eCommerce agency Meanbee and so massive congratulations to both of them! These two companies have been coopetitioning(?) in the Magento space for a long time and the Meanbee MD, Tom Robertshaw, was actually one of the speakers at the first ever Mage Titans event that they held and Nick Jones, Meanbee’s CTO, is a Titan of Magento industry. It’s an exciting time there for both companies!

What is the most benign evil thing that you do? – Phillip Jackson

If you ever have the chance to play beer pong with Rebecca & her wife, don’t. You will lose.

Why don’t people ever comment on our podcasts or videos? tumbleweed

MageTestFest got a lot of appreciation from the community and props go to Yireo & Jisse Reitsma for organising the event. Phillip predicts that there will be more development focused events like this and also believes it would be nice to see more online events. When is the best time to plan an event? Bearing in mind budget and planning for companies to attend and sponsor events.

Magento has a new functional testing framework! And it’s written entirely in XML documents… it’s had some pretty interesting reviews.

Are resumes / CVs dead? Is it all moving to LinkedIn and online resumes? Phillip & Rebecca discuss this subject that Kalen brought up on twitter recently.

Will you be at Magento Imagine 2018? We want to see you there!

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  • Rebecca Brocton – Show Notes
  • Chris Harry – Production and Editing

85: Masters of our Domains

Recorded November 30, 2017



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