Episode 9: Testing in Practice

In this Episode

Our hosts, Eric van Johnson and John Congdon dive into Testing in Practice and the April 2018 issue of php[architect] magazine. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below.


  • Eric and John discuss unit testing, test suites, static analysis, authentication with Laravel and more.
  • Oscar talks about the importance of training for employees, rants against image carousels, and requirements gathering.
  • An interview with Robert Basic, one of the contributors to Mockery.

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Releases, live events, and eloquent eloquent

Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

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146: EconoNAS and HTPC System Builds with Brian Moses

In this weeks episode we are joined again by Brian Moses to discuss several of his recent system builds. We start off the show delving into his recent EconoNAS, highlighting the goals behind the build and how he goes about selecting the hardware parts. We then discuss his experience using White-label HDD’s for the first time. From here, we move on to discuss his HTPC - again highlighting the goals and the experience of live-streaming the build. This leads us on to highlight the AMD Ryzen Threadripper/Intel Coffee Lake i9 series of CPU’s, Graphics card pricing and the Steam Link Box. Finally, we look at what’s in store for his upcoming DIY NAS 2018 build, FreeNAS AMD support and the different available SSD connectors.

101: Class is in $_SESSION

Recorded April 5, 2018


MageTalk Episode 166 – “Dark Souls”

“Doing Magento Development with one hand tied behind your back.” Kalen opines whether college is valuable for Magento developers, the guys break it down and get real about Magento 2.3; PLUS a review of the “Marathon Masters” publication – and more! Listen now!

Show Notes

1:00 Something You Need To Hear

The boys start off by throwing back to Episode 163 in which they demonstrated what an advertisement would sound like if they were to make one. The magic moment happens at the 3:32 timestamp. You’re welcome.

Shoutout to the folks at Marello for providing the inspiration.

2:12 ZOMG

The boys give a “full-on, all caps, ZOMG” shoutout to the team over at Atwix for their incredible MageTalk custom art. The boys have never looked better.

4:58 Masters of Commerce

Magento just dropped an eBook (like the hottest new EDM band of 2018) entitled Masters of Commerce that is a collection of interviews with the 2017 Magento Masters. Phillip has a highlight in the book so it’s a must read.

Check it out. It has some amazing information and some great quotes from some great people like Carmen Bremen (@neoshops).

“Be honest, open-minded, careful, clear, and transparent. If you don’t trust each other, don’t work together.” -Carmen Bremem

8:53 More Big Shoutouts

Phillip gives a shoutout to Amanda Batista (@AmandaF_Batista) on the Magento Marketing team that helped put the Masters of Commerce eBook together.

He also gives a shoutout to Andrea Ward (@awatpa) who heads the Magento Marketing team for her leadership and their amazing art direction.

Happy Molly Shannon GIF by Saturday Night Live - Find & Share on GIPHY

10:12 The Deal with MageTalk at Imagine

Will MageTalk have a booth at Imagine? The mystery continues.

11:25 A Live Podcast Retrospective

The boys give a look back at their live Podcast from Imagine last year.

They were the #2 most attended session y’all.

12:37 Shoutouts Upon Shoutouts

To no one’s surprise, TJ Gamble (ecommerceaholic) and Rebecca Brocton (@RebeccaBrocton) get shoutouts for continuing to put out amazing content. How dare they.

Guido Yansen (@guido) at the Dutchento Podcast also gets a shoutout for some awesome content.

13:43 The Software Testing World Cup

Kalen brings up the Software Testing World Cup (yes, that’s a thing) and brags about how he knows a winner. #CommerceHeroAd

Phillip brings up Magento’s Functional Testing Framework.

15:36 The Dark Souls of Software Testing

Bastian Ike (@b_ike) goes to a Hackers World Cup. Phillip breaks down the criteria for this and gets all technical and talks about how these hackers like to play on “nightmare mode”.

Just like Dark Souls.

20:29 The Swift Otter Guide

Phillip jokingly says he’ll wait for the Swift Otter guide, Joseph Maxwell (@josephmaxs) delivers. Get the guide here.

22:41 Let’s Talk About College

Kalen gives his thoughts on college, and how many smart people he knows that didn’t finish or even go to college.

Phillip chimes in with his thoughts and about how a lot of things have become vocations that do not require college educations.

Amendment from Phillip

So Phillip misspoke and clears it up in the below tweet. Sigh.

35:52 MageClippy?

Kalen brings up a recent Tweet from Danielle Mundle (@UXdanielle) in which she teases at a new Magento feature…

And THEN, Ben Marks (@benmarks) comes to bat with a tweet from three years ago proving that it’s already been done.

Seems like people are coming for Kalen and Phillip’s job…


-Carmen Bremem (@neoshops)

-Amanda Batista (@AmandaF_Batista)

-Andrea Ward (@awatpa)

-TJ Gamble (ecommerceaholic)

-Rebecca Brocton (@RebeccaBrocton)

-Guido Yansen (@guido)

-Bastian Ike (@b_ike)

-Joseph Maxwell (@josephmaxs)

-Danielle Mundle (@UXdanielle)

MageTalk Episode 163 – “How to be Good at Flappy Bird” (w/ Erfan Imani)



Masters of Commerce eBook

Dutchento Podcast

Software Testing World Cup

Swift Otter

Swift Otter Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Practice Test

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Jake and Michael discuss their new keyboards, Michael tells us about an app using shared database models and migrations he got into production, and we both discuss the code thoughts experiment on Telegram.

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