Interview with Adam Culp – PNWPHP

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Its the Booze Talking – Contributing to Open Source

@TessaMero – Tessa Mero

@elstamey – Emily Stamey

@AmbassadorAwsum – Amanda Folson

@ircmaxell – Anthony Ferrara

@Crell – Larry Garfield

@JoePFerguson – Joe Ferguson

Show Notes

The post Its the Booze Talking – Contributing to Open Source appeared first on Voices of the ElePHPant.

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80: ‘Hardcore’ Functional Programming using Ramda with Andrew D’Amelio

In this week’s show we are lucky to be joined by Andrew D’Amelio, to discuss all things Ramda and ‘Hardcore’ Functional Programming.
We start off discussion with how he got into programming, growing up with lecturers telling him that JavaScript was just a flash in the pan.
Leading on from this we delve into how he quit his previous job to take 6 months off, investing time into learning AngularJS due to its heavy job demand.
Throughout this time he was able to learn a lot from the Frontend Masters courses, with aid from AngularJS’s opinionated approach.
We then move on to discuss the philosophy behind Ramda, introduced to him within the Hardcore Functional Programming course provided by Frontend Masters – and how it promotes code reuse by way of composition.
This interest into the library brought him to introduce it to colleagues in a lunch n’ learn, paving the way for deployment into production.
Andrew then highlights how it performed in production, along with his experiences debugging code written with it.
Finally, we finish off the show touching upon type transformations and how his current workplace are using TypeScript and Flow to harness typing.
We then conclude on how Ramda is a great gateway into many advanced functional concepts, using a language that feels ‘safe’ as opposed to taking an even bigger dive into Haskell and Lisp dialects.

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Interview with Brian Fenton

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PHP Articles and Book Reviews Report November 2015 Edition

By Manuel Lemos
This is the November edition of the podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the latest outstanding PHP Articles and Book Reviews published recently.

They commented on articles about creating Microsoft Word DOCX documents from HTML, PHP 7 Anonymous classes and nested classes, tracking accesses to your site API using Google Analytics, and reading and writing Microsoft Excel files using PHP stream handlers.

They also commented on the review of the Hack and HHVM book.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these PHP articles and book reviews.

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MageTalk Episode 70 – Kind of Butch, Innit?

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79: Foo, bar, baz…

In this week’s show we start off discussion with Lew’s upgraded audio and Mick’s side-project ‘Smuddle’ which hopes to help fill a void in the shopping comparison site area.
We then move on to touch upon third-party email delivery solutions, task scheduling abstractions and queuing implementations.
API’s and the tooling around them is next on the list along with how the JavaScript stack can be quite intimidating when you first delve into it.
Finally, we chat briefly about Hypermedia API’s and look into developing and deploying web applications outside of the PHP ecosystem.

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035: Immutable PHP

Immutability plays a huge role in functional programming and many languages support immutability directly; like the readonly keyword in C#. It is possible to create immutable objects in PHP, but the language lacks inherent immutable features for scalar variables and class properties. We discuss how to bring functional programming concepts to PHP and brainstorm some features that could possibly be added to future versions of PHP to offer better immutability support.

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Interview with Sebastian Bergmann

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30: Evan You – Diving Deep into Vue.js

In this episode, Adam talks to Evan You, the creator of Vue.js. Evan talks about his time at Google Creative Lab and the sort of work that inspired him to create Vue. He also explains in depth how data binding works in Vue, and how it’s different and more performant than Angular. Additionally, Evan discusses the benefits of Vue over React, why Vue works so well in both SPAs and traditional server-side web applications, and strategies for testing Vue components.

This episode is brought to you by Laracasts.

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