Parallelize Your Code

This month’s release touches on some examples that keep PHP and its community strong, relevant, and a fun language to code.

Ken Marks continues his series on using PHP and a Rasberry Pi in a real-world example with Raspberry Pi Part 2 – Installing the LAMP Stack on your Pi. As developers, we live a life where we are constantly learning, and Derek Binkley helps with this by contributing an article called Teaching Through Code Review. We have a bonus third feature article this month in which Gabriel Zerbib introduces us to a documentation concept with his contribution Introduction to Diagram-as-Code.

In Eric Mann’s Security Corner, he talks about how to expand your knowledge with Getting Started with Cybersecurity. Joe Ferguson takes time out of his busy schedule to show us some benefits to using PHP-FPM, such as running multiple versions of PHP in his The Workshop section article Configuring PHP-FPM and Apache. In Community Corner, Eric Van Johnson sits down and gets to know our second rookie release manager in his Interview with PHP 8.1 Release Manager Ben Ramsey. Edward Barnard continues his new DDD Alley series with this month’s installment of When You Know the Pattern. Oscar Merida helps us exercise our learning muscle with this month’s PHP Puzzles, Finding Integer Factors. In this month’s Education Station, Chris Tankersly gives his take on the elusive async development with PHP in his article Async is a Lie. Wrapping up this month’s release is Beth Tucker Long finally{}, Everything Which Way But Loose.

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Domain-Driven Resolutions

As 2021 fades from our memories, we hope that a few of you received fantastic geeky gifts during the holidays. Hopefully, some of those geeky gifts included Raspberry Pis. Over the next few months, we will build a project with one and hopefully inspire you to create something useful for yourself.

This is also a great time to establish some resolutions to aid in your coding career. What do you want to accomplish this year? Continuing education is always a great goal and something that we here at PHP Architect strive to provide. We ourselves are constantly learning how we can improve our process and one of our New Year’s Resolutions is to be more prompt in our monthly delivery. We’re aware this will take another few months, but it is our goal.

Now I want to take a moment to ask you for a favor. Have you ever wanted to be a “published writer”? Maybe you still need a New Years Resolution. We’ll help you keep it 😉 As a magazine for our community, we rely on community members to write articles for us. And better yet, we pay for your content to be published. So take a moment and ask yourself a few questions. “Have I learned anything new recently that helped me?” “Do I want to learn a new skill to share with other people? Sometimes having an article deadline will help you focus and learn that skill. Honestly, this point has helped me write all of my articles and conference talks. If you are interested, please send an email to with your ideas, and we will help you turn your idea into a publishable article.

This month’s issue gets started with “Introducing FilterIterators” by Mauro Chojrin. This feature article will get you looking at your projects in a whole new way. Our second feature is the first in a series called “How to Hack your Home with a Raspberry Pi” by Kenneth Marks. I’ve always been fascinated by the Raspberry Pi but have always been intimidated by them. Ken is opening my eyes, and now I want to use them everywhere.

Our columnists have been hard at work too. Joe Ferguson’s, The Workshop, is giving younger developers a course on “Apache and PHP – Back to Basics.” Every developer should have more of an understanding of what happens even before their PHP code fires up and starts handling a request. In Education Station, Chris Tankersly is talking about “Background Queues” to improve performance for our applications. Eric Mann brings us “The Terrifying Scale of a Security Bug” in this month’s Security Corner. If you’re out on the hunt for a job, make sure you understand the basics of the “Infamous Fizz Buzz” in this month’s PHP Puzzles by Oscar Merida. Then Eric Van Johnson does a great interview with Patrick Allaert, one of your PHP 8.1 Release Managers.

And finally{}, Beth Tucker-Long talks “Experts or Out-of-touch?” where she shares some of her past with PHP Internals.

As always, thank you for subscribing to PHP Architect. We have big plans for 2022, and we hope you do too.

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Upgrading code with Rector, CQRS, Livewire, is PHP the Worst?, and more

Eric, John, and Oscar talk about changes behind the screen and the September 2021 issue, It’s Really an Upgrade.

Topics Covered

  • Changes in ownership at php[architect]
  • The Rector project: using it to upgrade and downgrade library code.
  • CQRS: using it to scale database reads and writes.
  • JWTs and Security
  • Livewire and JavaScript front end frameworks for PHP developers
  • Sebastian Bergmann and the PHPUnit project
  • Xdebug tutorials on YouTube
  • MVC pattern in PHP applications
  • Animating Life with Imagick
  • Why its a good thing that PHP is “the Worst” and why that makes it successful.
  • Why its essential to keep learning.

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Debugging, Automation, GitHub Actions, Bug Bounties, and API Security

Eric, John, and Oscar chat about the articles in the June 2021 issue, Debug, Rinse, Repeat.

Topics Covered

  • Debugging
  • Git Hooks and Automation
  • Make files
  • GitHub Actions
  • Bug Bounties
  • Docker Swarm
  • Longhorn PHP and in-person conferences.
  • Approaches for Securing APIs
  • Contributing to Open-Source

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Interview with Joseph Maxwell

Eric and John talk to Joseph Maxwell, from Swiftotter, about ecommerce, debugging, and his article in the June 2021 issue, Debug, Rinse, Repeat.

Topics Covered

  • Debugging with purpose in web applications and under pressure.
  • Coming from an ecommerce background.
  • His podcast “Smash the Bug” and upcoming book “The Art of Ecommerce Debugging.”
  • Understanding a bug or problem from the beginning with TAD.
  • Why debugging is such a critical skill.
  • What makes a developer “great.”
  • Why you should be using Xdebug with PHP applications.

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RoadRunner, Atoum, IDEs, Feature Tests, DIY API, Wizard Thinking

Eric, John, and Oscar try to review the May 2021 issue, Testing Assumptions.

Topics Covered

  • Fall Conferences, like Longhorn PHP (CfP is currently open).
  • Debugging long-running applications using RoadRunner, ReactPHP, or Swoole.
  • Does using an IDE make you a bad developer?
  • Feature tests w/Behat
  • PHP Internals interview w/Sara Golemon
  • Building an API with off-the-shelf components
  • Thinking like a wizard and learning to spot patterns in the code.
  • Sustainability of open-source projects like PHP core and documentation.

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Interview #2 with Joe Ferguson

We welcome Joe Ferguson back to catch up with us about PHP, his column “The Workshop”, and more

Topics Covered

  • Virtual conference experiences.
  • Looking forward to in-person events.
  • Laravel Homestead, which Joe maintains. Uses and tradeoffs versus Docker.
  • Docker Performance on Mac
  • Local Development Environments
  • Goals for his Workshop, eventually looking at Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

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About PHP’s Compromised Git Commit

PHP internals contributor Sara Golemon answers questions from a panel of php[architect] and PHP Ugly contributors about the recent git compromise that affected the PHP project and what they’re doing about it. You can also watch a video of the roundtable with Sara.

More on This

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Front-end frameworks, dev lead duties, subresource security, and more

Listen to Eric, John, and Oscar discuss the articles in the January 2021 issue, Newfangled Views.

Topics Covered

  • Front-end coding with Vue and React.
  • Responsibilities when you’re a development lead
  • Security of third-party resources
  • Learning new skills and avoiding burnout.
  • Mimicking AWS S3 with Minio


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Interview with Chris Tankersley

Eric and John talk to long-time contributor Chris Tankersley about contributing to the magazine and more.

Topics Covered

  • Getting started in programming and web development with PHP.
  • Docker and using it across operating systems.
  • Developing with PHP and the ecosystem around it.
  • What kind of things he tries to cover in Education Station for self-taught programmers.
  • Streaming when he codes and what editor he likes to use nowadays.

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