Interview with Joseph Maxwell

Eric and John talk to Joseph Maxwell, from Swiftotter, about ecommerce, debugging, and his article in the June 2021 issue, Debug, Rinse, Repeat.

Topics Covered

  • Debugging with purpose in web applications and under pressure.
  • Coming from an ecommerce background.
  • His podcast “Smash the Bug” and upcoming book “The Art of Ecommerce Debugging.”
  • Understanding a bug or problem from the beginning with TAD.
  • Why debugging is such a critical skill.
  • What makes a developer “great.”
  • Why you should be using Xdebug with PHP applications.

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MageTalk Episode 14 – Kalen Gets a New Bike

Show Notes

  • 1:45 Kalen talks about buying a new bike after his old one gets stolen out of his backyard
  • 6:50 The guys discuss Phil’s pronunciation nuances and Kalen’s obsession over constantly correcting him
  • 9:10 The guys discuss the controversy around California 6
  • 12:10 Kalen gives an update on MageMail
  • 16:07 Discussions around new hires at Clean and Something Digital
  • 22:49 What Phillip looks for in a potential hire
  • 33:16 Bootcamp programs for new developers
  • 35:32 Phillip talks about apprenticeships (or the lack thereof) in the industry
  • 37:44 Sponsor – Sonassi
  • 41:05 Extension of the week: Catalin SEO
  • 48:07 Code quality checking tools
  • 50:50 Kalen’s updated twitter bio
  • 51:55 Phillip lists some of his “dumb” ideas
  • 54:20 New MageMail feature – Recommendation engine based on purchase history