Interview #2 with Joe Ferguson

We welcome Joe Ferguson back to catch up with us about PHP, his column “The Workshop”, and more

Topics Covered

  • Virtual conference experiences.
  • Looking forward to in-person events.
  • Laravel Homestead, which Joe maintains. Uses and tradeoffs versus Docker.
  • Docker Performance on Mac
  • Local Development Environments
  • Goals for his Workshop, eventually looking at Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

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MageTalk Episode 28 – “One Man’s Beautymark is Another Man’s Disgusting Hideous Blob”

Show Notes

Yo, daylight saving’s time is hard ya’ll. Plus, PCI and security, the PHP League, and MageHero news.

  • 2:15 Reminiscing on Magento of old and on what’s to come
  • 7:50 MageHero Mentions
    • 10:15 Rabbit trail about PHP packages and The League Of Extraordinary Packages
  • 17:55 Fun with DST
  • 20:16 PCI / Security
  • 25:39 News / Extensions