Ep#361 – Interview with Dana Luther

Listen as host Khayrattee Wasseem talks with Dana Luther about her two talks for Longhorn PHP happening in Oct 2021 – docker secrets & exakat using docker.

She explains how she participated in the “School the World” movement to help children in poor countries. She also talks about her passion for singing.

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Interview #2 with Joe Ferguson

We welcome Joe Ferguson back to catch up with us about PHP, his column “The Workshop”, and more

Topics Covered

  • Virtual conference experiences.
  • Looking forward to in-person events.
  • Laravel Homestead, which Joe maintains. Uses and tradeoffs versus Docker.
  • Docker Performance on Mac
  • Local Development Environments
  • Goals for his Workshop, eventually looking at Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

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Interview with Chris Tankersley

Eric and John talk to long-time contributor Chris Tankersley about contributing to the magazine and more.

Topics Covered

  • Getting started in programming and web development with PHP.
  • Docker and using it across operating systems.
  • Developing with PHP and the ecosystem around it.
  • What kind of things he tries to cover in Education Station for self-taught programmers.
  • Streaming when he codes and what editor he likes to use nowadays.

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MageTalk Episode 34 – And Betty When You Call Me You Can Call Me Phil

Show Notes

7 amazing years of Magento, OroCommerce, and a special interview with Uri Foox of Pixafy

  • 6:42 Magento History
  • 12:24 Oro Commerce
  • 26:48 Pixafy Interview
    • 28:40 History of Pixafy
    • 30:21 Why didn’t Magento Go push to Pixafy when it shutdown?
    • 32:33 How are merchants referred to Pixafy?
    • 35:27 System Architecture
    • 37:47 How does pricing work with scaling?
    • 38:55 Extensions
    • 40:53 What size of merchant is Pixafy trying to attract?
    • 43:01 Should brand new merchants use Magento?
    • 44:13 Lessons Learned
    • 47:11 Racecar driving at Imagine 2014
    • 48:53 Magento Imagine Talk Titles
  • 50:32 Wrap-up