Asynchronous programming, testing, race conditions, mental health in tech, and more

Listen to Eric, John, and Oscar discuss the articles in the October 2020 issue, Running Parallel.

Topics Covered

  • OSMI 2020 Mental Health in Tech Survey.
  • Asynchronous PHP with Swoole.
  • Scaling and other use cases for serverless tasks, like file uploads.
  • This month’s puzzle on cleaning up directions.
  • Paying down technical debt with unit tests.
  • Finding and fixing race conditions.
  • Setting headers to harden your web application with Mozilla Observatory.
  • WSL, homestead, and developing on Windows using Linux tools.
  • and more (as usual)


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Interview with Demin Yin on Swoole

Demin Yin, evangelist for Swoole, joins Eric Van Johnson and John Congdon to talk about the project and more.

Topics Covered

  • Writing event-driven, non-blocking PHP applications.
  • Supporting for asynchronous programming and concurrent processes.
  • Performance of Swoole for handling millions of requests.
  • Taking advantage of extensions to add new features or improve performance.
  • Integrations with PHP frameworks like Laminas.
  • Swoole as an HTTP server and in embedded devices.
  • Getting started with HTML, CSS, and other dynamic languages for web development.

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Hacktoberfest &&

Neste episódio a conversa de café vamos ver como está a correr o #Hacktoberfest 2020, e discutir o estado actual da comunidade Portuguesa do Laravel.
Segue-se para a tradicional Nêspera e para terminar, uma rodada de Rapidinhas.


Tangential promotions, Stripe customer portal in practice, and handling plan changes

In this episode, Jake and Michael discuss Jake's new job title and responsibilities, using Stripe's Checkout and Customer Portal in practice, as well as approaches to handling plan downgrades for resourced plans.

This episode is sponsored by Fathom Analytics, simple, privacy-focused website analytics for bloggers & businesses and Workvivo, the employee communication platform for the modern workplace.

You can catch the live stream of this episode on YouTube.

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