Another Bright Idea

This month John and Eric discuss some of the greater articles coming in the June 2022 release, “Another Bright Idea”.

If you enjoy coding in PHP and have a Philips Hue smart bulb, this month’s feature article, ‘Illuminating Smart Light Bulbs With PHP,’ from Sherri Wheeler, is for you. She shares a great package and code on how to control your lights using PHP. Dariusz Gafka’s contribution ‘Building Solid and Maintainable PHP Applications using DDD and Messaging with Ecotone Framework,’ touches on Domain-Driven Design and the Ecotone Framework with tons of sample code.

In Education Station this month, Chris Tankersley introduces us to the often-overlooked Programming Paradigm of Event-Driven Programming in his article ‘Event-Driven Programming.’ He opens the door to the concept of your application by listening for events and then acting on those events when they happen. Eric Mann brings us ‘Assessing Cybersecurity Risks’ in this month’s Security Corner. Understanding different threat categories are essential to any developer who plans to put a line of code on the public internet. Eric breaks this down and helps you identify and grade risk.

Now that Edward Barnard has gotten you started and organized with his column from last month, this month, he will address failures in his article ‘Random and Rare Failures.’ He will explain why you want to be on the lookout for random and rare failures and how you can capture them.

If you’ve ever been curious to give the Symfony Framework a try, I’ve got some excellent news. In this month’s The Workshop, Joe Ferguson brings you ‘A Night with Symfony.’ He shares everything you’ll need to know to get you up and running with the Symfony framework, from installing it, getting a server up and running, and writing code. Time to dust off your brain cells for Oscar Merida’s PHP Puzzles column ‘Clues for Hues’, where he shows solutions for last month’s Guess the Colors puzzle. Hey, Hue smart lights can change color. I bet you could develop a crossover article after reading this month’s magazine. And as always, he brings another challenge for you to work on until the next release.

And in Finally{}, Beth Tucker Long shares ‘Pulled From All Angles’ where she points out some of the hypocrisy in our industry and some of the back and forth of the “shoulds” and “should nots.”

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