Puphpeteer, 25 Years of PHP, and Joe Ferguson

In Episode 24

Eric, John, and Oscar discuss some of the articles in the September 2019 issue “Master of Puppets”.


  • History of PHP, celebrating “25 Years of PHP”, and the Impact Awards at php[world]
  • Using Puphpeteer to automate Chromium browser tasks and testing.
  • Code style, and refactoring legacy code.
  • Code editors from VIM (and why Eric thinks everyone must learn it) to PHPStorm and Visual Studio Code.
  • Promoting speaker diversity at conferences.
  • Joe Ferguson joins to chat about generating PDFs with PHP, networking via user groups and conferences, migrating to Laravel 6, Homestead, and Open Sourcing Mental Illness (osmi.org).

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Episode 12: Whole lot of Xdebug

In this Episode

Our twelfth episode is in the can, thanks to Eric van Johnson and John Congdon. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below.


  • Eric and John discuss freelancing and how it changed John’s life, regular expressions, PhpStorm, and how the PHP community gets together.
  • Oscar talks about trying to use Xdebug regularly and the value of debugging tools in general.
  • An interview with Mark Niebergall on his Xdebug article, his day to day work, and working remotely.

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