Testing The Core

This month, John and Eric introduce the new Drupal Dab column by Nicola Pignatelli which will be focused on the Drupal CMS system. They also discuss the How to Hack you Home with a Raspberry Pi series is going.

Chris Tankersley takes us down the path of licenses with some thoughts on choosing one for our project in his article Which License to Choose? He discusses the pros and cons of several open-source licenses and explains the benefits and drawbacks. In Security Corner, Eric Mann discusses Operational Security. He touches on what happens when disaster strikes, learning from mistakes, best practices, and the ongoing quest for security. Next to time, one of the more frustrating areas to code is money, and in this month’s PHP Puzzles Making Some Change, Oscar Merida goes over the challenge of making change. He also shows some solutions to last month’s challenge on the best ways to make change.
We’ve all heard the excuses for not having tests, tests are “confusing”, “difficult”, “takes too long to write”, or are just “complicated.” There’s also a saying, “any tests are better than no test.” In this month, The Workshop, Joe Ferguson goes over one of the easiest ways to get some basic tests in your project with his article Accept Testing with Codeception. I have personally been a huge fan of Edward Barnard’s new DDD Alley column. This month he continues the series with When the New Requirements Arrive, where he talks about what you do when new requirements for a codebase are introduced and how to handle them. He touches on the solid principle, bloated classes, test boundaries, and more. Frank Wallen continues his new column, PSR Pickup, where he moves on to PSR 12 Extended Coding Style Standard and discusses what this PSR is and why you might want to use it in your projects.

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MageTalk Episode 148 – “New Language Bankruptcy”

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Show Notes

  • Phillip hair mullet
    • https://www.gofundme.com/phillip-jackson-mullet
  • MMNY recap recap recap
    • Commerce Hero video / live feed
  • Shopify Segment
    • https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-04/shopify-tumbles-as-citron-calls-company-get-rich-quick-scheme
  • Sales for Developers
    • LA Magento Meetup
  • New issue of PHP Arch is all about commerce / Magento
    • https://twitter.com/benmarks/status/925774014630461440
  • CommerceHero > 1MM business driven
  • Magento news:
    • Magento Security Scan Tool!
      • https://magento.com/blog/magento-news/introducing-new-magento-security-scan-tool
    • Magento B2B Commerce Hub
      • https://magento.com/blog/magento-news/introducing-magento-b2b-resource-hub
      • https://info2.magento.com/b2b-resource-hub.html
    • #Squashtoberfest final numbers:
      • Interactiv4 killing it
      • 394 PRs from 114 devs: https://twitter.com/maksek_ua/status/925750215277195264
    • Austin opens new office
    • Magento Solution Spec 2 Badges on the forum
      • Do you use the forums?
      • Damian Colutta
      • Two new forum moderators for Germany – (Andreas and Roman)
  • The “deployed” OSS stack:
    • Magento Community FO EVAAAAAA
    • Mautic (ESP)
    • Piwik (Analytics)
    • Oro (CRM)
    • PIM
      • Akeneo (PIM)
      • PimCore
    • ERP
      • Odoo (https://www.odoo.com/)
      • Open ERP
    • Openloyalty.io
    • Business Intelligence Tool
    • Warehouse Management
    • Point of Sale
    • Helpdesk
      • Redmine??
    • CRO/Split test/ Optimization?

MageTalk Episode 10 – MageHero

Show Notes

Kalen unveils a social network for Magento Developers, MageHero. Community members organize an event to close open questions on Magento Stackexchange.

  • #magestackday https://sites.google.com/site/magestackday/home
  • Sign up for our email and receive a FREE bonus episode and enter to win a hand-signed copy of Vinai Kopp’s Grokking Magento book! http://magetalk.com
  • MageHero (previously known as “MageDevs”) online
  • MageHero GitHub: https://github.com/kalenjordan/magehero