Episode 15 – Generics and php[world]

In this Very Special Episode

Eric Van Johnson, John Congdon, Chris Holland, and Oscar Merida recorded this episode live at php[world] just last week. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below.

You can read Chris Holland’s The Case for Generics in PHP article online for free.


  • Eric, John, and Oscar talk about snowy weather in Virginia.
  • The value of attending conferences and user groups, both in attending talks and networking.
  • Preparing and finding writers for the magazine and selecting talks for conferences.
  • Chris Holland explains the value generics would bring to PHP.

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Episode 14 – Prototyping with PHP

In this Episode

Eric van Johnson and John Congdon wrapped up recording on episode 14. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below.


  • Eric and John talk about stickers (again), PHP internals, understanding framework trade offs, John explains MySQL 8 window functions, burning out, sub-domain takeovers, and more.
  • Oscar shares some lessons re-learned about software estimates and onboarding for a new project.
  • Marcia Burrows talks about writing learning games for Atari in assembler, picking up PHP and web development, why she’s known as “The Logical Woman”, speaking at Pacific Northwest, and how she used PHP+HTML5+MySQL to prototype and iterate on her board game.

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MageTalk Episode 179 – “Be Careful What You Wish For”

With the bug bounty drama behind us we follow up with a rant about the state of the Community and reactionist attitudes to every change that has happened in 2018. Phillip goes on a rant, the guys discuss what long-term-support means and the future of PHP 7.2 support in Magento 1, new concerns around End of Life of Magento 2.2 begin to circle. Listen now!