MageTalk Episode 220 – Budgets: Healthy at Every Size

How do you create an accurate budget? Is there a difference between a good agency or a bad agency – and is there a correlation between developer happiness and their fit; and what about factors that make a good consultant? These are all important considerations for growing agencies trying to attract and retain developers to build growing Magento stores.

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MageTalk Episode 219 – Creating Healthy Daily Habits

How do you create better habits? How do you do more creative work? Does your day have a predictable structure and are you trying to optimize that for productivity or for happiness? Kalen and Phillip dive into more meta topics of productivity and focus.

Also, we talk about TikTok.

Yeah, the content is pretty varied but what do you expect? It’s MageTalk. Recorded from a Youtube Live on July 13, 2020.

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Interview with Edward Barnard

In this Episode

Edward Barnard returns to talk with Eric van Johnson and John Congdon about writing columns for the magazine and more.

  • How he got started programming with CRAY supercomputers and then web development first with PERL and then PHP.
  • Rescuing his first article submission from the spam bin.
  • The inspiration and focus for his latest column, Sustainable PHP.
  • Who’s going to agile conferences.
  • His first book, The Fizz Buzz Fix, about how to think like a computer and pass coding interviews.
  • Experiences adding tests to legacy applications.

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