MageTalk Episode 113 – Political Cartography and 2017 Predictions

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Show Notes

These show notes are brought to you by Rebecca Troth – go check out her youtube channel!

It’s the 2017 prediction show!

The last recorded show of 2016 is full of “seriously inaccurate” predictions for 2017 and community shoutouts. Max Chadwick’s Page Cache Hit Rate module is named extension of the week by Kalen!


  1. Magento to continue with their current string of mergers and acquisitions
  2. Phil makes a bold prediction about the companies he thinks Magento will start to acquire
  3. Magento will begin to internalise more key components of the platform
  4. There will be a vegan chef at Magento before the end of 2017
  5. Willem de Groot for Chief Security Officer
  6. Extension companies will begin to have the option to buy the M1 and M2 licence at once as many are in a transition phase currently. (Credit: Kris Brown)
  7. Magento POS
  8. Phalen will finally meet Rebecca Troth this year
  9. Brent Peterson will continue to annoy everybody with Twitter spam
  10. We will see more Magento video content
  11. Magento Inc. goes public
  12. Magento to acquire an email service
  13. Cloud edition needs to be more accessible
  14. Magento will become a grocery store
  15. Aitoc & ionCube on MageTalk

Thank you for making 2016 a great year, MageTalk out.



MageTalk Episode 6: A Blogroll, a Webring, and a Paypal Link

Show Notes

  • Intro music created by Spectral Wolf – check out

  • The domain is finally setup. Thanks again to Matt from RocketWeb for hooking that up

  • Submit comments on the podcast at!

  • Alessandro Ronchi said “subscribe to MageTalk and you’ll love commuting!”. Thanks Allesandro!

  • Webgriffe_Maintenance allows you to easily put up a maintenance page for your site, for specific IP addresses, as well as basic authentication. Useful for locking down staging sites.

  • MageTalk has a blogroll!

  • The Llama Commerce Show is a cool podcast with great eCommerce strategy

  • MageTalk is not useful at all for actual eCommerce strategy. It’s more like inside baseball talk for the dev community.

  • The difference between waterfall and agile/retainer billing engagements for Systems Integrators.

  • Women in the Magento community are awesome!

  • It seems crazy to Kalen that more Magento stores aren’t with a solid, specialized Magento host.

  • Kalen is having a great experience with Sonassi for Magento hosting. Phillip’s had a great experience with Nexcess but not-so-great experience with hosting companies that shall not be named.

  • Back in 1999, Phillip had a blog roll, a web ring, and a PayPal link on his site.

  • Phillip owns 1 billionth of a Bitcoin.

  • The Jamaican bobsled team from the winter olympics this year were funded by Dogecoin.

  • PayPal is now accepting Bitcoin! Phillip is going to buy a carpenter’s pencil at Home Depot for his $5 worth of Bitcoin via PayPal.

  • You can go to City Winery in New York City and pay your bill with the PayPal app.

  • Some dude writes a crazy article on forbes that WooCommerce is a better and safer choice than Magento. Phillip posts a scathingly true, epic comment.

  • eBay is spinning PayPal off as a separate public company. Kalen thinks the sky is falling but Phillip reassures us that it’s no big deal.
    — Roy speculates that Magento will be sold off. The heck, bro?
    — DHH says “Ebay is like a foster home for tech adolescents who upset their industry and then didn’t know where to go. First Skype, now PayPal.”

  • Extension of the Week: Granify – which is a service that helps to drive sales by detecting customers that are getting ready to bounce and popping up some kind of notification to them based on what objections they may have to purchasing.

  • Homework for developers: For every site that you go to, copy and paste the price outside the browser to try to get a popup to come up.