MageTalk Episode 154 – You’re a Creator of Creators

Phillip gets a preview, Kalen ponders post-developer life, Phillip covers 2017 in review, and – how to go about picking a local Magento partner.

Show notes


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MageTalk Episode 153 – The “Epancimation” of Mimi

Show Notes

In MageTalk Episode 153 we cover Magento 2.2.2(.’s release – and the guys get down and dirty into the features which make it one of the best (and most impressive) releases of Magento 2 yet. “Dogfooding” leads to increased understanding of problems and leads to better product ownership. Phillip talks about in-house ecommerce directors at solutions partners like Something Digital, and Kalen talks about the importance of brand and how social proof will replace brand.

Partner program

  • Congrats to Ali Ahmed and Imagination Media for becoming Magento Solution Partners

Improvements to MageTalk Website!


  • Karen’s article –

  • Natural tension between platform and apps in platform ecosystem as it matures – facebook, twitter, etc. Same will happen with shopify
  • Marketplace needs work – continuous integration
  • Partner program engagement

Magento 2.2.2(.

  • MFTF
  • In the FTF you get used to code in PHP and XML to write tests. With MFTF you need XML only! – No need to learn PHP for tests writers anymore.

How many full time ecom developers have actually setup/run their own store

  • Dogfooding….In-house ecom manager role with agencies?

    • Kristof / Fooman on Dogfooding

Thread on brands / naked brands

  • Thread:
  • “Naked brands” –


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MageTalk Episode 82 – “Your Voice Sounds Like it’s Doing the Tango Right Now”

Show Notes

  • 04:42 – Intro, Mid-Market Strategy
  • 16:17 – Partnership Rant
  • 27:43 – Turpentine, Magento 2

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  • Miguel Balparda, Community Developer, Nexcess – @mbalparda