MageTalk Episode 150 – The Sesquicentennial

Show Notes

Our main story today is “Liveout there-geddon” because everything has to have the word “-geddon” in it. Phillip and Kalen dissect the reasoning behind the move of to Shopify, and why this is a big big big deal for Magento.

Thank you for 150 amazing episodes, and cheers to 150 more?


Download transcript here: MageTalk – Episode 150



  • Mallory Triana – Transcription
  • Rebecca Brocton – Show Notes
  • Chris Harry – Production and Editing

MageTalk Episode 42 – Lobsters are People, Too (w/ Jamie Clarke,

Show Notes

Round 2: MageTalk vs Jamie Clark (the gloves stay on this time)

  • 0:41 Shenanigans at Imagine (past and present)
  • 4:01 Scripted vs Freestyle
  • 6:42 Who is Jamie Clark?
  • 13:59 Getting started with investors
  • 19:10 Dealing with rejection
  • 25:06 Day to day job / Company culture
  • 33:50 Nepal
  • 44:00 Selecting Magento for