MageTalk Episode 103 – IRCE 2016 Interviews #3 (w/ Agnes Rey-Tinat)

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Show Notes


MageTalk Episode 99.2 – It’s All Fun and Games ’til Someone Tries to “Shedjule” Something

Show Notes

Phillip launches a new podcast called Future Commerce, a podcast about cutting-edge and next-generation commerce. Kalen is taken by surprise as Phillip’s never mentioned it, not even once. Later in the show the guys do a blow-by-blow comparison of Shopify vs. Magento and discuss some of the feature differentiation between the platform.

Magento also enjoys a distinction as topping the new Internet Retailer B2B 300 list.


MageTalk Episode 97 – “My Own Personal Rant Platform”

Show Notes

Phillip gets grumpy (as per usual) about code shaming and how it harms Magento newcomers, and more broadly the industry itself. Demandware is acquired by Salesforce.



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MageTalk Episode 61 – Bad Case of “Brontitis”

Show Notes

The IRCE interview series continues with Phillip sitting down with Bronto‘s own Ryan Murden

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  • Ryan Murden, VP of Business Development @ Bronto – @ryanmurden