MageTalk Episode 115 – “Fancy Your Schmancy”

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Commerce Hero

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Show Notes

These show notes are brought to you by Rebecca Troth – go check out her youtube channel!

There is a strong Sherrie Cher theme to this episode. IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME… I would not offer to do these show notes for free.

The guys first talk about the popularity of the Magento Community Forums, the great work Sherrie Rohde is doing and the sheer size of the Magento Community. It’s pretty awesome.

Commerce Hero is going strong and is picking up momentum. Kalen talks the ups, the downs and learning from experiences.

Phil surprises Kalen with the announcement of a new podcast he has started called Merchant to Merchant where they record roundtables of Merchants to discuss issues that are specific to their industries and regions.

The eCommerce Hall of Shame is back! Phil shames a vendor that, no matter how much he tries, will not let him unsubscribe from emails.  Also, their logo is really dumb but they did make Phil’s feet hot.

Are retargeting ads annoying? Kalen contemplates turning them off for Commerce Hero. Kalen then shares a few of the Commerce Hero job listings and the guys discuss the cost of living differences between locations.


Kalen talks about a new feature he has added to Commerce Hero after speaking to Andra Lungu of Bitbull. Andra is one of the organizers of Mage Titans Italy and, in an effort to diversify the speaker panel, was looking for a way to find the female professionals on the site. The gender filter did receive a little bit of negative pushback but overall the feedback was good.

Now, go outside.