MageTalk Episode 151 – “Becky with the Good Hair”

Show Notes

Rebecca “Becky” Brocton joins MageTalk co-host fame by stepping in for Kalen! Phillip soon learns that she can talk as much as him and he’s not getting a word in edgeways!

For the opening of this show, Phillip quizzes Rebecca on her new role for JH and what the company is up to in the Magento space.

Frontend Developer at JH, Shane Osbourne, recently did a talk at Mage Titans on a B2B app that runs on both iOS and Android, is powered by the APIs made available in Magento 2 and utilises the cutting edge React Native framework. You can find out more about this and watch his talk on the Mage Titans YouTube channel linked to below.

“It’s really sexy! But because it’s B2B people don’t realise how sexy it is” – Rebecca Brocton

The recent Mage Titans event has so much great content coming out, all the talks are up on YouTube for all to enjoy along with Rebeccas #TitanInterviews with some of the attendees who were at the event.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating in the US!

The hype for Black Friday & Cyber Monday is building. Try as you may, to implement a no deployments rule for the week working up to these big spend days, you try in vain.

Space 48 acquires leading eCommerce agency Meanbee and so massive congratulations to both of them! These two companies have been coopetitioning(?) in the Magento space for a long time and the Meanbee MD, Tom Robertshaw, was actually one of the speakers at the first ever Mage Titans event that they held and Nick Jones, Meanbee’s CTO, is a Titan of Magento industry. It’s an exciting time there for both companies!

What is the most benign evil thing that you do? – Phillip Jackson

If you ever have the chance to play beer pong with Rebecca & her wife, don’t. You will lose.

Why don’t people ever comment on our podcasts or videos? tumbleweed

MageTestFest got a lot of appreciation from the community and props go to Yireo & Jisse Reitsma for organising the event. Phillip predicts that there will be more development focused events like this and also believes it would be nice to see more online events. When is the best time to plan an event? Bearing in mind budget and planning for companies to attend and sponsor events.

Magento has a new functional testing framework! And it’s written entirely in XML documents… it’s had some pretty interesting reviews.

Are resumes / CVs dead? Is it all moving to LinkedIn and online resumes? Phillip & Rebecca discuss this subject that Kalen brought up on twitter recently.

Will you be at Magento Imagine 2018? We want to see you there!

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  • Rebecca Brocton – Show Notes
  • Chris Harry – Production and Editing

MageTalk Episode 114 – The First Rule of Side Conversation is Don’t Mention Side Conversation (w/ Rebecca Troth)

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Show Notes

Episode 114 see’s Phil & Kalen sit down with Rebecca Troth.

Who is Rebecca Troth? She started with Magento in 2013 as a Junior Developer and introduced herself to the Magento community by means of a Magento YouTube Channel in June 2016. Now the Channel Manager at Ingenico ePayments (Previously Project Manager at iWeb), she is looking forward to getting more involved with the community and having a regular spot on Mage Talk ?.

MageTalk LIVE!

Y’all read for this? There is going to be a MageTalk booth at Magento Imagine 2016! Live interviews, news and coverage of the event. Will you be there? Then look out for it!

Phil shares what we found out during the Magento Partner/Sales Kickoff including where Magento have been and where they are going in 2017! (He did clear some of these with Paul Boisvert)

  • Cloud first. Magento are pushing their cloud offering to become a rapid development and rapid deployment enterprise platform.
  • Age of Platforms –  Magento have the youngest platform on the market.
  • The partner channel to start to recognise community work more.
  • The growth of ship from store.

Will Magento start to eyeball some shipping acquisitions? The group also get onto the Magento development and deployment process along with the issues raised by the community recently.

Magento acquired Bluefoot, a Powerful PageBuilder which has already been given to enterprise partners and is coming for community edition.

There was a new study by IDC on the scope of the Magento ecosystem as a whole:

  1. 101 billion in transaction revenue
  2. 4.2 billion in partner revenue
  3. 280,000 jobs enabled by Magento

2017 is Magento 2’s year!

— More show notes coming soon! Love, Rebecca



MageTalk Episode 99.0 – The 340lb Lineman

Show Notes

It’s official! In August it was announced that Magento would be partnering with the Europe-based Meet Magento Association in an official partnership to bring Magento events to a more broad community in 2016 and 2017. The guys dig into the news and discuss Enterprise Cloud, Rebecca Troth’s community contribution, Magento Commerce Order Management, and the rise of ecommerce in APAC.