MageTalk Episode 133 – The Gartner Report

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Show Notes


MageTalk Episode 79 – Magento Masters

Show Notes

  • 03:45 – Magento Masters
  • 19:00 – PHP FIG
  • 26:10 – Magento Live France
  • 35:50 – MageTitans Italy, Magento Forums
  • 46:00 – Magento Imagine




MageTalk Episode 22 – “How Did I Even Begin to Thunk This?”

Show Notes

The guys drop fat beats while issuing knowledge bombs in the new “Lightning Round” segment

  • 4:30 Magento News
  • 8:25 Sites on Magento
  • 11:49 Thanks Phillip
  • 18:29 Boston Marathon / Brent Peterson
  • 20:02 Weight loss discussion
  • 22:17 Lighting Round
    • Tom Robertshaw “this is awesome”
    • Deployment strategies
    • Magento Upgrades
    • Javascript patterns in Magento (Kris Brown)
    • Checklists
    • MageMail update
    • Extensions



MageTalk Episode 8 – Magento Live Germany Interviews

Show Notes

Phillip goes to Magento Live Germany and interviews some well-known Magento Community members


  • Brent Peterson:
  • Akeneo:
  • Sylvain Rayé:
  • Tobias Zander:
  • Christian Münch: