Laravel 5.4 with Taylor Otwell

Jake and Michael take the reigns for their very first Laravel News podcast with a bang, tackling all the big new features in the just-released Laravel 5.4, with the help of Taylor Otwell.

Guest Starring: Taylor Otwell

You can read the full episode transcript which includes time markers and links.

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Show notes: recorded January 28th, 2017 Topics Laravel 5.4 Released PhpStorm EAP adds support for Blade Components and Slots Laracon US sold out Laravel Shift Supports Laravel 5.4 Lone Star PHP open early bird ticket sales, for the last time Cross platform alternative to Laravel Valet, hotel The hosts Eric Van Johnson Twitter / Github / Blog / Tom Rideout Twitter / Github / John Congdon Twitter / Github Follow us on Twitter @PHPUgly Email us at Sponsor of this show: The DiegoDev Group

46:Canada Calls

recorded January 19th, 2017 Topics Laravel News welcomes Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda as the new hosts Laravel Conference in Canada Laravel 5.4 Includes Two New Middleware Laravel Dusk How to contribute to an open-source GitHub project using your own fork WordPress to get secure, cryptographic updates purchased by Oracle Symfony Trends The hosts Eric Van Johnson Twitter / Github / Blog / Tom Rideout Twitter / Github / John Congdon Twitter / Github Follow us on Twitter @PHPUgly Email us at Sponsor of this show: The DiegoDev Group DiegoDev Group

117: Managing Concurrency in Postgres with Bruce Momjian

Following on from our previous look at the Query planner - we are joined again by Bruce Momjian to extend this exploration into looking how Postgres manages concurrency. We start off by discussing some of the challenges and workarounds used in the past to handle concurrent access, particularly in the eyes of a database administrator. We then highlight the concept of MVCC, how it works from a high-level, how Postgres implements it and the clean-up considerations that are present. Finally, we mention how Postgres stores data in page-form, how projects such as pg_compact work to regain space and what the fill-factor is.

Episode 87: Asking Questions Down Under

Down Under challenge #752

This time out we asked our listeners to submit some questions because we are tired of winning so much and wanted to let others get in on it. Along the way Ed talked about a recent computer-related purchase he made on eBay while Chris talked about one the earliest science fiction short stories he can remember while feeling incredibly old at the same time.

Don’t worry, Chris' ego let him know he was not old and is still awesome.

Do these things!


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Links and Notes

  • “What would you do if we weren’t programming as a career?”
  • “How do you get to the point where you don’t need to submit resumes to get jobs?”
  • What the heck is the Commodore Plus/4 and why doesn’t Ed know everything about CP/M
  • Ray Bradbury’s A Sound Of Thunder is a legendary time travel story

Screencasting, Markdown to Medium, and Google Cloud Storage

Michael and Jake return with their slightly tinkered format, where they focus on challenges overcome and things learnt in day to day framework usage.

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116: Programming Like Functions Matter with Jimmy Burrell and Scott Wlaschin

In this weeks episode we are joined by Jimmy Burrell and Scott Wlaschin to discuss all things functional. We start off the show highlighting how Scott got into programming, the reasons why he is a big fan of Smalltalk, what he means by ‘Enterprise OO’ and being a Humanistic programmer. From here we discuss how he got into FP, how the paradigm came to being, what FP is to Scott and why you should consider it. Finally, we mention the differences between types in FP over langauges such as C, the railway track metaphor he uses to help explain FP concepts and architectural patterns that are more or less suited to FP.