MageTalk Episode 164 – Gosh-Darned Data Privacy (w/ Kuba Zwolinski)

Kalen does his best Bill Clinton impersonation, the guys rap about GDPR – and we interview Kuba Zwolinski of Magebutton and Snowdog fame about the Magento Innovation Lab and how B2B can benefit from the Internet of Things. Listen now!

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Episode 8 – Long Running PHP

In this Episode

Our hosts, Eric van Johnson and John Congdon look at Long Running PHP the March 2018 issue of php[architect] magazine. Share your thoughts on the topics covered and leave a comment below.


  • Eric and John go over the March features about writing daemons with PHP, Linux containers beyond Docker, accessibility, code reviews, and more.
  • Oscar shares his experience recently upgrading a PHP 5 application to PHP 7.
  • An interview with Chris Pitt, about the community in South Africa and his article on Evolving PHP.

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100:PHP Xing

Recorded March 22, 2018


Scaling Laravel, testing Vue components, and model events

Join Jake and Michael as they discuss the latest Laravel releases, Scaling Laravel, testing Vue components, and more.

Thanks to our episode sponsor, Larastream.

Show links

99:Revert This Show

Recorded March 15, 2018


98: Ethical Dilemmas

Recorded March 8, 2018


MageTalk Episode 163 – “How to be Good at Flappy Bird” (w/ Erfan Imani)

Kalen gets new glasses, will he finally see the light? PLUS an interview with Erfan Imani, accomplished Triathelete and developer of the Magento Innovation Lab-recognized Speqs augmented reality commerce experience.

Also – a Magetalk First – a swear word appears (gasp!) in the second half of the show. You’ve been warned!

Listen now!

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145: The Power of Composition with Scott Wlaschin

In this weeks episode we are lucky to have Scott Wlaschin back on the show. We start of discussion by highlighting his most recent talk on composition and some useful analogies to Lego, Brio and Unix. From here we move on to investigate function and type composition, the difference between a paradigm shift compared to simply a syntax one and the advantages of an opinionated language. This leads us on to mention how within application design pushing the side-effects to the edge and keeping the core domain pure is beneficial. Finally, we touch upon testing in functional languages, experiences whilst consulting and Rich Hickey’s ‘Effective Programs’ talk.