Interview with Tess Flynn and Larry Garfield

Twitter: @socketwench

Links to sessions mentioned

Design Systems and Drupal Unified Worldview with Larry Garfield

Example Module Ain’t Core Ain’t Contrib Neither with Tess Flyne

Star Trek Voyager Model More Inclusive Drupal Community with Fredric Mitchell

Twin Cities Drupal Camp on You Tube

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Interview with Beth Tucker Long

Twitter: @e3BethT

Madison PHP Conference

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The Future of PHP 7 Is Bright – Lately in PHP podcast episode 49

By Manuel Lemos
With the plans to bring the PHPNG performance improvements, the future PHP 7 is bright. That was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and César Rodas in the episode 49 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

They also talked about the discussions of Node.js developers moving on to the Go language and the parallel of PHP developers moving to the Facebook Hack language, the proposals to drop PEAR for Pickle as PHP extension installer and several other PHP proposals, and the latest and future improvements of the PHP Classes site user interface features.

Now listen to this podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript text to learn more about what was said during these interesting PHP discussions.

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Episode 9: Career Development

In this episode Jeff and Matt discuss experiences with career management and career development. This was the first ever live recording of an episode, broadcast over Google Hangouts on Air. With the help of the kind folks in the IRC channel (#looselycoupled on Freenode) this episode covers topics such as salary negotiation, when to ask for a raise or promotion, how to plan a career plan, how to deal with co-workers in difficult situations, and a few other pieces of advice about successfully navigating a career as a developer.


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Episode 6: The One Where We Didn’t Even Get to Our Scheduled Topic

Beau and Dave give updates on all sorts of things. So much so, they manage to not even get to the topic they actually expected to talk about. Fun times!

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Interview with Michael Babker

Twitter: @mbabker

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Episode 49: Rogue Transmorpher

Mystery Mouth Morphers

Our guest this week is Beth Tucker Long, the editor of PHP Architect magazine and respected PHP language trainer. We talk about her role as editor of the top PHP Magazine in the world, her experiences teaching people to code, the best PHP books for beginners, her awesome upcoming MadisonPHP conference, and XBox Kinect paranoia.


Links and Notes

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Episode 29: Dont Mention PHP 6 v PHP 7

This week Ben and Phil are joined by long distance target shooter Paul M. Jones and the handsome man that is Daniel Lowrey, to talk about a whole bunch of PHP relating things.

Paul has recently been talking a lot about “Action Domain Responder” which is billed as a more representative
replacement of the often mis-used “Model View Controller” architecture. Luckily he does a good job of ELI5 so we don’t get too lost, and we talk a bit about how ADR helps with putting content negotiation in a logical place.

Daniel then goes on to talk about a few awesome topics, including some of the OpenSSL changes in 5.6, and a HTTP server he is working on built entirely from PHP. It’s async, non-blocking and web-scale.

We cover HTTP 2 and its effect on PHP, give some thoughts on PSR-7 HTTP Message, talk about Aura and finally when Phil could hold it no more, we had a big rant about PHP 6 v PHP 7 which – at the time – was still being voted on. The end result is of course that PHP 7 won.

I know I said no further comment, but I’m definitely gonna keep posting funny shit I see about this. Article 1.

— Phil Sturgeon (@philsturgeon) July 30, 2014

Anyway. Here are a few extra links.

You can find more announcements, episodes and random stuff on iTunes Store, Twitter, Google, YouTube and… you get the idea. Follow for free Sturgeon points and eternal happiness.

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Interview with Joel Clermont

Twitter: @jclermont

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Interview with Evan Coury

Twitter: @evandotpro

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