Interview with Rob Allen

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29: Mark Otto – Bootstrap 4 and CSS architecture at scale

In this episode, Adam talks to Mark Otto, creator of Bootstrap and director of design at GitHub. They talk about the brand new alpha release of Bootstrap 4 and some of the most significant changes. They also talk about choosing units, when to use utility classes, and the importance of a component based CSS strategy.

This episode is brought to you by Laracasts.

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Interview with Pierre Joye


Show Notes

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77: The History of React and Flux with Dan Abramov

On this weeks episode we are lucky to be joined by Dan Abramov, creator of Redux and React Hot Loader (React Transform).
We start off the show with his upcoming move to work at Facebook in London, and touch upon how he became interested in programming from a young-age.
Following this we discuss his transition from VBA, to C# and then JavaScript – by-way of CoffeeScript and a BackboneJS application he was working on.
Issues with the complexity of asynchronous logic and hard-to-reproduce bugs lead him to invest time in exploring React.
We then talk about the problem React solves and how its’ pragmatic approach (including escape-hatches) can easily propagate up your code-tree.
Successful use of React was followed by exploring Flux and we highlight how it forces data-mutations to follow a strict-cycle.
We discuss the history of different Flux implementations and how he went about eventually making his own (Redux) for a recent talk he gave.
Finally, we wrap up the show highlighting his work with React Hot Loader and its successor React Transform, along with recommended resources for beginners looking to explore these subjects in more detail.

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Episódio 5 – Testes pra quê?

Fala pessoal!

Depois de adiar a gravação deste episódio mais algumas e tantas outras vezes, conseguimos unir a equipe para mais um episódio, desta vez com um tema crítico e muito importante, que faz parte do dia-a-dia de cada um que trabalha com programação: testes, e testar pra quê?

Neste quinto episódio, Davi, Diego e Jack ( ? Marcelo Come Back ? ) discutem o tema com a presença da convidada Diana Arnos, desenvolvedora na Dafiti que recentemente fez uma excelente palestra sobre o tema no evento PHP Experience 2015 e tem muito a contribuir sobre o assunto.

O que é um teste? Quais são os tipos de testes? Quais ferramentas eu devo usar para criar testes? Quando começar a testar uma aplicação? E os sistemas legados, como ficam nessa? Esses e outros temas foram discutidos em cerca de 2 horas de gravação (ufa!). Gostou? Se interessou? Clica no play e aproveite!

Download do áudio


Dicas / Drops:

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Its the Booze Talking – The Future of PHP

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Episode 24: The last one… with a Friends themed title

Beau and Dave talk about work, automating deployments and ops, running an (R)ELK
stack on AWS, Reactiflux getting kicked off Slack, Dave’s work being awarded
some government funding, Phil Sturgeon, Symfony autowiring and the 3.0 release,
Zend Expressive, Adobe Creative Suite on case-sensitive filesystems and You Can’t
Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar.

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76: Let’s TalkTalk about Security

This week we are very lucky to have Lewis back on the show after his recent move.
We discuss what he has been getting up to in his absence and how he is balancing work/life whilst being remote.
Following this, we touch upon a reinvigorated passion for software architecture, moving to a framework from bespoke solutions and the middleware pattern.
Discussion then turns towards moving from AngularJS to React/Flux and resources Edd has written and found useful whilst learning the subject.
Security is the next hot-topic with the recent TalkTalk security breach in question, an interesting pseudo-random number seed issue and SSL/TLS/HTTPS all explained.
Finally, we conclude with an update on Mick’s final year project and his work with decision trees.

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PHP Articles and Book Reviews Report October 2015 Edition

By Manuel Lemos
This is the October edition of the podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the latest outstanding PHP Articles and Book Reviews published recently.

They commented on articles about improving your PHP code performance, creating an AJAX based PHP shopping cart, get Twitter direct message images in PHP with the OAuth API, and starting long server PHP scripts and monitor their status.

They also commented on reviews of a video named "Up to Speed with PHP 7" and the books "WooCommerce Cookbook" and "Learning PHP Design Patterns".

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these PHP articles and book reviews.

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Episode 67: Working for the Weekend

Kirk Kove Water Show Ski Team - 1955

Super special guest Gary Hockin of JetBrains, and previously dog wrangler at Roave, joins us for much fun discussion and blame-taking. We babble about Slack vs IRC, the dev evangelism life, software subscription models, and video games. Also we make the say command in OS X utter profane phrases.

Do these things!


Links and Notes

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