Interview with Michael Babker

Twitter: @mbabker

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Episode 49: Rogue Transmorpher

Mystery Mouth Morphers

Our guest this week is Beth Tucker Long, the editor of PHP Architect magazine and respected PHP language trainer. We talk about her role as editor of the top PHP Magazine in the world, her experiences teaching people to code, the best PHP books for beginners, her awesome upcoming MadisonPHP conference, and XBox Kinect paranoia.


Links and Notes

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Episode 29: Dont Mention PHP 6 v PHP 7

This week Ben and Phil are joined by long distance target shooter Paul M. Jones and the handsome man that is Daniel Lowrey, to talk about a whole bunch of PHP relating things.

Paul has recently been talking a lot about “Action Domain Responder” which is billed as a more representative
replacement of the often mis-used “Model View Controller” architecture. Luckily he does a good job of ELI5 so we don’t get too lost, and we talk a bit about how ADR helps with putting content negotiation in a logical place.

Daniel then goes on to talk about a few awesome topics, including some of the OpenSSL changes in 5.6, and a HTTP server he is working on built entirely from PHP. It’s async, non-blocking and web-scale.

We cover HTTP 2 and its effect on PHP, give some thoughts on PSR-7 HTTP Message, talk about Aura and finally when Phil could hold it no more, we had a big rant about PHP 6 v PHP 7 which – at the time – was still being voted on. The end result is of course that PHP 7 won.

I know I said no further comment, but I’m definitely gonna keep posting funny shit I see about this. Article 1.

— Phil Sturgeon (@philsturgeon) July 30, 2014

Anyway. Here are a few extra links.

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Interview with Joel Clermont

Twitter: @jclermont

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Interview with Evan Coury

Twitter: @evandotpro

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Episode 8: Do you even polyglot?

In this episode Jeff and Matt talk about the idea of polyglotism, the benefits, practical advice about choosing which languages to learn and how to be successful while learning new languages. You should go out and find a new language and prepare to give it the time it deserves. It’s best to find a mentor or someone to help you and step out of your language or paradigm comfort zone.



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Episode 5: The One Where Everyone Is Going to London

Beau and Dave discuss having been selected to Symfony Live London and how they
plan to bring their families with them so everyone can hang out in person for
the first time. Beau discusses his other upcoming talks including Nomad PHP EU
and php[world] and Dave talks a bit about his pair programming setup. Both agree
that rewriting code from another project is a great way to really understand how
the thing ticks.

Apologies for some of the audio quality in this episode, at times it sounds
like we’re fading out or it’s been heavily edited, but I just made some mistakes
with the post-processing. ^D

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Episode 48: Old As Dirt

Princes Lane looking south, The Rocks

Our guest this week is Elizabeth Smith, PHP internals veteran and guru of PHP on Windows (she says “I wish every company was as good at giving back to open source as Microsoft”). We talk about being Old as Dirt in relation to a blog post Ed made last week, how to mentor up and coming developers, and the history of PHP on Windows.

Also, check out this special offer from Watch Me Code. You can get 35% OFF as subcription to their awesome JavaScript screencasts as a Development Hell listener by going to


Links and Notes

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Episode 28: Loosley Coupled Mashup

In this episode, Ben and Phil join forces with Loosely Coupled to talk about Open Source, burn out and briefly discuss their favorite open source projects. Jeff was out of action for a lot of it due to unexpected wifi troubles (in San Francisco of all places) so he sadly did not get to take part as much as he would have liked.

Questions this time around:

How do you deal nicely with someone who’s too reliant on you for solving problems and is too quick to ask you rather than figure it out themselves?
– TazeTSchnitzel

How do you guys explain OSS to non tech people? My wife finds it strange that I do work for “free”
– Chuck Reeves

As a contractor, how do you feel about “OSS” clauses (that your work can/will be open sourced) in contracts?
– Davey Shafik

If you aren’t following Jeff and Matt then definitely go and do that:

The video is less edited than the audio, so download and listen for a slightly shorter and more relevant version.

As always, you can subscribe to the channel and follow us on Twitter for announcements about when new live shows will be recorded.

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Episode 2 – Let’s talk about tests

After an amazing response to our first episode, we once again cram up in the conference room to bring you our second episode. We go through the news, bring you hidden gems from Symfony, we talk about tests with Kacper Gunia, and find out what’s going on i

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