73: PHP 7 Extension Development with Joe Watkins

In this episode we are lucky to be joined by good friend of the show Joe Watkins. We start off the podcast discussing the recent major release of pthreads (version 3) and the differences found compared to version 2. This moves us on to touch upon the design decisions made due to changes between PHP 5 and 7, providing a good API to the user, volatility and immutability considerations and installing extensions within PHP 7. We finally bring up the progress being made in moving over other extensions such as APCu and uopz, helping out with other projects such as Xdebug and our delve into screencasting.

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Interview with David Hayes

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25: Matt Machuga – Tips and tricks to make your code awesome

In this episode, Adam talks to recurring guest Matt Machuga about tips and tricks that lead to better code. They talk about bringing functional programming concepts to OO, simple patterns for cleaning up typical MVC web app code, and about how imposing crazy rules like banning conditionals and loops can lead to creative solutions that change the way you think about solving problems. They also get a little too excited about anonymous functions and compositional chains.

This episode is brought to you by Laracasts.

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72: ReactJS, Flux and Screencasting

This week we start off discussion with the topic of CSRF and Session hijacking. We then move on to the recently released screencasts we did with Joe Watkins, and how interesting Edd found recording them. Following this we discuss ReactJS, the Flux architecture, handling error-logging on the front-end and the JavaScript source-maps. We wrap up the show with the emphasis of removing jQuery, how hard following a single source of truth is and ‘dangerous’ design patterns.

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PHP 7.1 Features PCO for Cryptography like PDO is for Database – Lately in PHP podcast episode 63

By Manuel Lemos
A recent proposal for PHP 7.1 aims to create a new extension named PCO (PHP Cryptography Objects) for data encryption, decryption, signing, etc.. It will be like what PDO (PHP Database Objects) is for database access.

The discussion about the PCO extension was one the main topics commented by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 63 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

They also commented on other PHP 7.1 features in discussion like having visibility modifiers for class constants, shorter closure function declarations, and having random value generation functions throwing exceptions.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these interesting PHP topics.

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Interview with Seth Thornberry

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MageTalk Episode 64 – Welcome Our New Winkle Overlord

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Interview with Keith Casey

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Episode 008 – Escaping PHP Variables Forgotten

Escaping variables in PHP is as important as ever, and developers can sometimes forget about it when using a modern framework. Adam Culp, the host of Run Geek Radio, talks a little about common pitfalls and how to handle them.

Also covered is the ZendCon and SunshinePHP preparations and status of Adam speaking at some other upcoming conferences. Plus a brief update on the running front and training.

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