Episode 9: The one that wasn’t invented here

Beau and Dave give updates on their recent shenanigans, conferences, health,
talk about the NIH and cloning discussions that have been had recently in
the community, side projects, games, and two factor auth.

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Episode 5 – The no-theme all-content episode

In this episode we don’t have a specific theme. We do however have a lot of fun content for you. We discuss Magnus’ trip to Symfony Live New York, the Best Practices document, Blackfire.io (née SensioLabs Profiler) and much more. We also have a long inter

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Interview with Erika Heidi Reinaldo

Twitter: @erikaheidi

Show Notes

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Interview with Ross Tuck

Twitter: @rosstuck

Show Notes

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Episode 31: The One about Hot Dogs

This week Ben and Phil are joined last minute by repeat guests Kayla Daniels and Matt Frost.

We talk waaaaay too much about hotdogs, Phil’s fun-employment, cocaine, and what’s new in PHP-land.

The recommended cool stuff of the episode is:

Dossier – super secret stealth mode project for managing talk abstracts

No Capes – Live Interviews with prominent speakers, community members and package developers in the PHP Community

WurstCon – The wurst conference in the US of A

SideSwell – beautiful side project execution tool

Treehouse – learn to program yo

You can find more announcements, episodes and random stuff on iTunes Store, Twitter, Google, YouTube and… you get the idea. Follow for free Sturgeon points and eternal happiness.

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Compiling PHP into Optimized Machine Code – Lately in PHP podcast episode 52

By Manuel Lemos
The recent release of a new PHP compiler written in PHP by a Google PHP developer, as well other solutions to compile PHP into optimized native machine code, is one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins on the episode 52 of the Lately in PHP podcast.

They also discussed the latest proposals for new features of PHP 7, as well the new MySQL plugin that allows accessing MySQL servers directly with HTTP exchanging data in JSON format.

Now listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript to learn about the details of these interesting PHP related discussions.

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Episode 12: Elephpantitus

In this episode Jeff and Matt finally discover the mystery of the Trello card “Elephpantitus” and attempt to cover how important or how unimportant it is to diversify your programming background within a given language community. Perhaps it’s a good idea to focus on being a PHP developer rather than a WordPress developer or a Magento developer, or maybe it isn’t. This episode could be titled Maybe since they weren’t really sure which way to lean starting out.


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Interview with Andrew Nacin

Twitter: @nacin

Show Notes

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Episode 51: Strange Loops for Serial Killers

Washing The Horse

We’re joined for Episode 51 by Margaret Staples, backend programmer extraordinaire on Brunelleschi: Age of Architects. She shares her experiences doing indie game dev, traveling to the Strangeloop conference, and meeting geeks celebs. We also talk about serial killers and Ed’s new job (obviously).

This is our first episode released in stereo. The file size is larger, but man does it sound better. If you have any issues with playback, let us know.

Big thanks to our new sponsor Offload.io!! It’s a great resurce for finding and sharing contracting work.

Do these things!


Links and Notes

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Episode 8: The one where PSR-0 is dead

Beau and Dave are back together for another chat, covering conference talks,
shellshock, Linux (on floppies), PHP Jeopardy and the marketing machine that is
Jeremy Mikola, PHP-FIG, learning about AngularJS with CodeSchool.com and
working with the TV on.

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